You Did It! The Member Crowdfunding Success

60 days ago, we challenged our members in Southeastern Wisconsin to find 200+ friends and allies to pledge support for our innovative organizing project. Through small $20-$30 monthly contributions from 200+ people, we would have enough to hire a Professional Organizer to fight for them, and finally be able to break the reliance on large donors, foundations, and millionaires! We could finally organize around the issues that our members want us to prioritize. They would own this project. They would fund the Organizer.  They would have the power to decide how we work for a better Wisconsin!

Thanks to you, we've completed the challenge and accomplished our goal of finding over 200 people in Southeastern Wisconsin (primarily Greater Milwaukee)! Learn more with this video.

There is still time to get involved! We first launched this project to identify the critical mass necessary to support a local Professional Organizer, but that doesn't we're finished! Do you live in Southeastern Wisconsin? Do you want to make sure your time, energy and money ensure that you get a voice in making Wisconsin a just society? Click here to watch our quick video and find out how you can get involved!


60 days ago we launched this new model, and it is now a success! We have discovered how to organize people in cities, towns, suburbs and villages in a sustainable and reliable way - without large donors dictating what issues we work on! Now that we know this model works, we're looking for the next community to make this happen. Where do you think we should go next? Want to learn more and/or make a suggestion? Click here!



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