Carl Hosterman

signed Minimum Wage Petition 2014-01-24 06:41:37 -0600
If your going to make it a living wage it should be a minimum of $15.00 an hour and benefits.

$10.10 an Hour - Raise Wisconsin's Minimum Wage!

GOAL: 5,000 signatures

It's time to give working families in Wisconsin a raise. And Governor Walker may be required to do so by state law.

And according to Wisconsin wage law, not only should the minimum wage be a livable wage, but if workers can demonstrate that it’s not, the Governor has an obligation to take action within 20 days. On Sept 24th, 100 low wage workers filed official complaints to Gov. Scott Walker that the minimum wage isn't a living wage and thus violated state statute.

We know that thousands of Wisconsin workers cannot make it on $7.25. We also know that when workers can’t afford the basics, the whole economy slows down and everyone loses. It’s just economic common-sense: Putting more money into the hands of working people ensures they have more to spend on goods and services, increasing demand in our economy and spurring job growth.

Sign our petition urging Walker to act on the minimum wage complaints before the 20 day deadline!

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signed Close WEDC Petition 2013-10-25 06:30:00 -0500
Time to get rid of Walker what he is costing this state will come to surface in the future.

Close Gov. Walker’s Failed Jobs Agency

GOAL: 1,000 signatures

In a new report released by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Governor Walker's Wisc Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is projecting job creation in Republicans at a much higher rate than Democratic districts!

  • GOP Assembly districts have close to twice as many jobs projected by WEDC as Democratic districts.
  • Adjusting for underlying districts, Republican Senate districts have more than twice as many jobs impacted than Democratic districts.

This is an outrageous betrayal of the tens of thousands of Wisconsinites struggling to find work.  Walker’s experiment with a privatized job agency that lacks any semblance of accountability for the use of public money is an embarrassing failure.  Wisconsin families should not have to wait any longer for effective and accountable jobs programs.   

Join Our Fight to replace Walker’s disgraced jobs agency, and create a publicly accountable and transparent state agency to focus on desperately needed economic development and job creation.