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This week was a big deal for health coverage nationwide. With 7 million plus people being covered it should be, and in many places is, cause for celebration. Unfortunately in Wisconsin 77,000 citizens now also have to worry about being kicked off of BadgerCare and finding different coverage.

Check out coverage of our event on Fox 47 in Madison on Monday

Citizen Action Wisconsin held a news conference at the Capitol Monday to draw attention to those going off BadgerCare.

Carrie Cronson brought one of her sons to share her story.

"I'm sure that there are lots of people who can sleep soundly at night knowing if they wake up in the morning, if they get sick or get hit by a car or whatever millions of things that could happen to a person in day-to-day life, that they will be covered and will be OK," Cronson said. "Myself and 77,000 others had that taken away from them."

Corrie and the rest of the 77,000 thousand will now have to find private coverage on Healthcare.gov. And while these individuals will have 60 days to sign up, there is plenty of concern. Our research at Citizen Action shows that for the total of 84,000* who are being denied access to BadgerCare by Walker's rejection of the federal money, these individuals will be forced to pay over $26 million each year in higher deductibles, let alone other out of pocket costs that do not exist under BadgerCare. 

This is a terrible price to pay, when Wisconsin had the means to cover these individuals with available federal funds, funds they spurned.

We at Citizen Action of Wisconsin will continue calling for Wisconsin to accept the federal funds for BadgerCare. They are always available and can be accepted the moment we want them. To us it is not a question of if, but a question of when. And we hope you'll join our campaign to say yes to BadgerCare


Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer


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