7 Things Wisconsin Must Do To End Excessive Health Insurance Rate Hikes

  1. Require insurers to give consumers at least 60 days notice for rate increases.

  2. Require Insurance Commissioner to hold public hearings on rate increases over 10%.

  3. Require prior authorization for health insurance rate increases.

  4. Give insurance Commissioner authority to deny health insurance rate increases not justified by underlying medical costs.

  5. Require health insurance companies that use medical costs as a justification for rate increases to make public negotiated rates with medical provider systems.

  6. Require publication of all health insurance rate increases, going beyond Affordable Care Act provision that increases over 10% are published.

  7. Make sure rate review applies to all types of health insurance.

For 2016 in Wisconsin six health insurance companies are raising rates over 10%, including a 22.99% increase from UnitedHealthCare, an 18% increase from WPS, and an 18.9% increase from Security Health.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has repeatedly pointed to the Walker’ Administration's lax approach to rate review as a factor in high Wisconsin health insurance costs. In June the federal government called on Wisconsin and other states to more carefully scrutinize large rate increases.

Fortunately, there is new legislation in Wisconsin to create a robust rate review process which holds large health insurance companies accountable for justifying large rate hikes and dramatically increases public transparency. Find out more.



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