ACA Cost Presentation

Help us improve our new healthcare presentation. We have presented over 250 times on the Affordable Care Act over the last few years. Now that the first open enrollment period is over we want to update our presentation - to address the next major piece of health reform: addressing the high cost of healthcare.

Take a look at our presentation and make suggestions of what to include, add or remove. We encourage you to look at other suggestions and rate them.


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Good Presentation-- Time for a New Logo

I lvery much like what I viewed of the overall slide show, but the cow symbol and the "Got Helathcare" theme don't fit the presentation. Please come up with a new logo, using something that symbolizes health and well-being, instead of suggesting "here's a take-off you might find amusing."

need to add a little more to be specific in some areas

slide - 2 - to kids with pre-existing conditions including congenital heart and spine defects.

slide - 3 - to cancer survivors and adults with diagnosed congenital defects like heart, spine and physiological problems.

slide - 5 - 'freedom' would be more readable with a larger font.

slide - 6 or 7 - message would be stronger with the addition of -
Everyone should take responsibility to reduce health care costs by at least, having annual physicals to spot problems before they become costly.

slide 25 - add to next big thing - Negations for Prescription drug costs.
                                                    - Dental coverage.

slides 26 - 29 are GREAT!

slide - 33 - add - "To many uninsured ARE still are using costly emergency departments for basic and minor care."

Between 35 & 36 add a simple slide for a pause "

Need to explain more here

This slide would be better if it said, for instance, that in 2002 medical costs were 18% of the average family's total budget.  Otherwise, I look at it and think 18% of what?  35% of what?

Several Comments

Bold "illegal" on slides 3 & 4

Should slides 6 & 7 include fair and reasonable coverage in other countries?  or maybe rearrange to have slide 26 and 27 after 6 & 7?

and that we are way behind?

Slides 38 & 39  HOW?

Don't like the image on slide 42

Slide 12 - emphasize to through age 26

Repeat slide 13 several times when presenting!

Should slide 21 and slide 25 emphasize why some are not able to access Badger Care?

Slide 23 - Does the non-profit option actually exist in Wisconsin?

Thanks Kevin!!


Bold "illegal"