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Citizen Action of Wisconsin over the last two years have traveled across the state and presented over 300 times to thousands of people on the Affordable Care Act. Now we make the presentation on the ACA available as short videos, watch as Kevin Kane, lead organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin, breaks down the important information into a series of videos to explain the Affordable Care Act. We welcome you to comment below and tell us what else we should answer about the Affordable Care Act and other healthcare issues! Don't forget to share the videos.

Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer, explaining the Affordable Care Act to Channel 5 Green Bay, is ready to explain the law to you and answer your questions.

Click below to begin watching the short videos explaining the Affordable Care Act. The videos are broken up into subjects

  1. Intro to the Law
  2. Values behind the law: Freedom, Opportunity, Responsibility
  3. Stages of Reform: what's now, what's later?
  4. Pre-existing conditions, gender discrimination, and outrageous insurance practices
  5. Stage 2 - a new marketplace for 2014
  6. A quick word on BadgerCare
  7. Medicare
  8. Conclusion: giving an elevator speech
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