Affordable Care Act is Working: Appleton Residents Promote Success of New Law

Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Organizing for Action and local residents held a media event today at the Appleton Public Library to announce the success of residents who were able to access quality affordable healthcare without fear of discrimination thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Prior to this law, over a million Wisconsin residents with pre-existing conditions faced discrimination in accessing vital health coverage. Now, thousands in Wisconsin are successfully accessing health coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act that can never be taken away.

These success stories are a vital reminder that the healthcare law positively impacts Wisconsin residents and those who are eligible should enroll now.

“Twenty five years ago, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my life changed forever,” said Teresa Basiliere, a resident of Appleton. “I was paying $1200 a month for care I needed to treat my chronic disease. I was so worried that my condition would ruin our future financially. With the Affordable Care Act, my premium was reduced by half and my coverage was improved”

I was denied private health insurance because of arthritis,” said Connie Raether from Appleton. “I was left to use only the state high risk plan HIRSP. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I now have choice. I can go to whichever company I’d like and pay less each month!”

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act continues until March 31st.

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