Anti-ACA Ads Helping Enrollment?

Very interesting research out by the folks at the Brookings Institute that finds link between anti-ACA ads and enrollment in coverage. The study finds that:

"While the negative ads reduce the enrollment in red states, they have an opposite effect in blue states" (The Hill, 7/10).

This is an ironic impact for those who are opposed to the Affordable Care Act, that their efforts actually helped remind people of tax credits and protections in the law that actually spurred enrollment.

The research tracked

  • Milwaukee media market - $17,078 est yearly spending on anti-ACA ads
  • Madison media market - $3,368 est yearly spending on anti-ACA ads
  • Minneapolis-St Paul media market (which covers part of Western WI) - $58,767 est yearly spending on anti-ACA ads
  • No recorded anti-ACA spending in La Crosse, Eau Claire, Wausau/Rhinelander, Green Bay/Appleton and Duluth/Superior

The impact? Wisconsin enrolled a higher percent of its ACA eligible population that most states in the country. 

The good news on the Affordable Care Act just keeps building!


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