Appleton Post Crescent Editorial asks what happened to those who lost BadgerCare?

Today the Appleton Post Crescent has an excellent editorial asking the important question, what happened to those who lost BadgerCare? The paper concludes that Gov. Walker's Medicaid plan failed at it's primary mission, providing people with vital healthcare coverage:

"The governor contended his plan would work because those dropped from BadgerCare coverage would be able to pick up insurance from the new federal exchange. The state said 90 percent of those people would do so.

But the numbers released by the state Department of Health Services last week didn’t bear that out."

In addition to asking about what happened to the 38,000 people who didn't access exchange coverage, the paper points out that Walker's failed plan will cost us all more money:

"The fear of state hospitals was that more uninsured people would result in more uncompensated care. They would have to absorb the costs of that care or pass them on to insured consumers. The Legislature tried to appease hospitals by including an extra $73.5 million in the current two-year budget to compensate them, but does it cover the costs? One way or another, we’re paying for it.

County officials also expressed concern because counties have to pay health care costs of uninsured people who come to emergency rooms with a medical crisis."

Join our campaign to accept federal funds for BadgerCare.

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  • commented 2014-07-26 14:52:01 -0500
    Why do they only think about the money? Why aren’t they thinking about peoples lives?
  • commented 2014-07-26 14:46:41 -0500
    Good question where dd they go? How did they get medical coverage. Did they get medical coverage? How many have died? Who has the right to control who gets health care and who doesn’t? isn’t that the same as telling someone to go drop dead? Isn’t murder or attempt of murder illegal in the usa? What happens to people who kill people? Why isn’t these politicians being indicted for treason? Didn’t they take oaths for the people? Why aren’t they serving the people? Who pays for their health care? Is the politicians health care plans a part of their package of benefits for being elected officials? yeah. things are broken alright.