Launch our BadgerCare Bumper sticker campaign!

This November almost half of Wisconsin voters will get the chance to vote directly on whether the state of Wisconsin should say "YES to BadgerCare"! 20 Wisconsin localities have put the question directly to voters in the form of a referendum.

We need your help! This is a grassroots campaign and to ensure that we can afford these stickers for everyone we want to "Kickstart" a big bulk order! So please pledge to purchase stickers and once we make our goal we'll send them to you! The larger your pledge the more you can share with others!

  • $5 - 1 sticker 
  • $10 - 3 stickers (1 for you & 2 to share!)
  • $25 - 10 stickers
  • $50 - 25 stickers
  • $100 - 65 stickers
  • $200 - 140 stickers
$760.00 pledged
GOAL: $500.00

How many stickers will you pledge to order on Sep 08 2014?

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