BadgerCare Debate Far from Over

Costly, politically motivated budget decision to force tens of thousands from affordable health coverage can be reversed at any time

Despite the delivery of over 25,000 petitions from citizens across Wisconsin to Senate President Mike Ellis, and manymoral appeals to the 6 GOP Senators who expressed public disagreement with the Governor’s plan during the budget process, the Wisconsin State Senate last night rejected by a narrow 17-16 margin budget amendments to accept enhanced federal dollars to strengthen Wisconsin’s popular BadgerCare program.

In a video response to thousands of health reform advocates from across Wisconsin who worked tirelessly to convince the Legislature to reverse Governor Walker’s dangerous decision, Citizen Action of Wisconsin Executive Director Robert Kraig said that the temporary political setback for the right to quality affordable health care was out of step with public opinion, and will ultimately be reversed. 


“Wisconsin can take this federal money at any time, and it makes so much public policy sense it will happen,” said Kraig.  “The only question is how many people have to go without health coverage, how many families have to needlessly suffer through bankruptcy, and how many have to actually die before the politicians in Madison come to their senses and do the right thing for the hard working people of Wisconsin who need someplace to go to get quality affordable health coverage, no matter what.”



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