BadgerCare Facts

To help get the facts correct on the BadgerCare issue, Citizen Action has collected a series of important facts related to BadgerCare, the federal Medicaid funds and the referendums around the state!

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NEW: 2014 BadgerCare Referendum Results - see the vote breakdown in the 19 counties and 1 city where the BadgerCare referendum was held!

The Important BadgerCare Numbers - understand the issue of BadgerCare, "Medicaid expansion" and who is impacted

The New BadgerCare Coverage Gap - Roughly 38,000 are unable to access affordable health insurance options this year, find out why.

The Impact of Rejecting Federal Funds by County - includes number of residents impacted per county and amount of federal funds lost in the current state budget period.

Council of Economic Advisers Report - report by the President's Council of Economic Advisers on the missed opportunity for states that didn't accept federal funds for BadgerCare, Wisconsin information.

Endorsement List - A list of organizations that have publicly called for Wisconsin to accept the federal funds for BadgerCare.

Support the BadgerCare Referendums - add your name to this critical campaign to say YES to BadgerCare!

Referendum Locations - a list of what Wisconsin counties and cities will have a November referendum on accepting the federal funds for BadgerCare

REPORT: The Role of States On Health Costs - see how rejecting federal funds for BadgerCare makes private health insurance cost more for everyone.

The High Deductibles Those Denied BadgerCare Must Pay - If everyone denied access BadgerCare who could not access employer coverage signed up for a private plan, they'd have to pay at least $26 million more per year in additional deductibles alone.

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