BadgerCare Story - Dean from Viola

As the state legislature holds their special session to kick thousands off of BadgerCare and delay needed care for tens of thousands, we thought we'd share the experiences of Wisconsinites who know what this all matters.

"Please work to accept the federal Medicaid funding and keep Badger Care people healthy. I am retired with a part-time job and typically earn $1,100 or less per month (with $825 being Social Security). My mortgage is over $500. Heating costs me about $2,500 per season. I have electric and phone bills each month. I just got a letter that I am being dropped from Badger Care because I am over the limit by nearly $150.

I do not have money to join into the Affordable Care Act, even with tax credits. A $2,000 deductible is very restrictive when that alone is about 15% of your income. I will be without insurance. I will have to go to the emergency room when I am ill and it will be charged to others because I cannot pay. With Badger Care I was able to have routine health maintenance to stay healthy and not beleaguer tax payers. It is shameful to cut people from care that should and COULD be available by taking the federal money.

Contrary to popular belief, not all poor people are uneducated, stupid, lazy or cheaters. I'd guess most of us are hard working people trying to get by with what little we have. I only wish you could walk a mile in my shoes."

Dean, Viola


This story was sent to every member of the legislature this morning.

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