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The dog ate my teacher

Our back to school podcast looks at the growing teacher shortage in Wisconsin and the country.  We also discuss the continued staff turnover at the discredited WEDC, increasing the minimum wage for tipped workers, and more. Click here to listen to podcast #208

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Wisconsin public schools lost 2,900 teachers over nine-year period
Teacher ranks shrink, skew white and less experienced in report.
The real reasons behind the U.S. teacher shortage.
The Teacher Shortage’ Is No Accident—It’s the Result of Corporate Education Reform Policies.
Wisconsin’s Growing Teacher Shortage.
Head of state's top jobs agency retiring. 
Higher pay for food service may mean worse service.

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#BlackLivesMatter & Progressives

We welcome Brandi Grayson, co-founder of Young, Gifted and Black and Nate Hamilton, co-founder of The Coalition for Justice to continue the important conversation between #BlackLivesMatter and white progressives that we began on last week’s podcast.  Click here to listen to podcast #207

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NY Times: Activists confront Hillary Clinton.
Why Democrats are Struggling With Black Lives Matter.
White Progressives and the Black Lives Matter Movement: Behind the Struggle.
View from the left—Black Lives Matter, white progressives and Bernie
Black Lives Matter Releases Video Of Closed-Door Meeting With Hillary Clinton.
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Special Podcast:"WalkerCare will repeal healthcare for millions" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Robert Kraig tells you everything you need to know about Scott Walker's plan to turn the clock back by repealing the health care law, ending care for millions of Americans and dramatically increasing the cost of health insurance for tens of thousands of Wisconsinites.

Scott Walker: I will repeal Obamacare on Day 1 of presidency
Walker’s Health Plan Would Make Wisconsin One of the Most Expensive States, Minnesota Lowest.
GOP candidate Walker offers few details on replacement for health care reform
Scott Walker to Announce Health Repeal Plan in State That Shows Value of Working to Improve the Law
Scott Walker’s “Bait and Switch” Health Care Plan Would Force Millions Off Health Coverage

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Organizing Wisconsin Working Families to Win

We are joined by the State Director of the new Wisconsin Working Families, Marina Dimitrijevic, to discuss the new independent political organization’s launch and plans for future. Sen. Dave Hansen tells us about his new legislation to ban companies engaged in outsourcing from WEDC taxpayer assistance. We also pick up on the important conversation between #BlackLivesMatter and white progressives that was sparked last week in Seattle at the Bernie Sanders event. Click here to listen to podcast #206

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Marina Dimitrijevic to lead new Wisconsin Working Families Party.
Hansen, Kolste, Jorgensen introduce legislation discouraging outsourcing.
Penalize firms that get state aid, outsource jobs.
WEDC losing two more key people to outside jobs Ex-WEDC employees say politics, haste tripped up job-creation agency.
Wisconsin church's 'Black Lives Matter' banner vandalized.
In Her Own Words: The Political Beliefs of the Protester Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders.
Why Democrats are Struggling With Black Lives Matter.

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“Did you fall, hit your head & wake up in the 1950’s?”

We welcome Tanya Atkinson, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin to talk about the right wing’s latest attack on women's access to healthcare in an effort to move our country back to the 1950’s. We are also joined by Jenni Dye, research director at One Wisconsin Now Institute to review her new research detailing 4 years of failure at WEDC. We discuss Gov. Walker and the GOP’s effort to end the non-partisan Government Accountability Board (GAB) before the 2016 election. Citizen Action of Wisconsin organizer Anita Johnson joins us to talk about her voting rights education work being featured in Penzey Spices back-to-school catalog. Click here to listen to podcast #205.

Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood Fails in Senate
The War on Planned Parenthood is in the States
Sen. Elizabeth Warren video supporting Planned Parenthood
Scott Walker, GOP lawmakers want to change elections board by 2016
OWN Institute Report: WEDC: Four Years of failure
Anita Johnson featured in Penzeys Spice Catalog

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“Fox guarding the hen house”

We welcome Jennifer Giegerich from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to discuss the implications of Scott Walker’s campaign promise to all but eliminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We also talk with Jennifer about the sudden restructuring and slashing cuts to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). In addition, our panel discusses the latest WEDC revaluations, on-going attack on open government, funding for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena, a new racist comment by Sen. Ron Johnson, and the 50th Birthday of Medicare and Medicaid.

Click here to listen to podcast #204

Scott Walker calls for dramatic rollback of EPA's role in regulating polluters
Depleted DNR's reorganization appears cosmetic, former secretary says
Critics Question DNR's Reorganization Plan
Email links Scott Walker to open records changes
Attorney: 'I would not trust this Legislature to do the right thing' with open records laws
LWV's Andrea Kaminski: Beware of politicians who target watchdog agencies.
Journal Times editorial: GAB should remain intact
New Research: WEDC is Four Years of Failure
Sen. Ron Johnson refers to 'idiot inner city kids' on Milwaukee radio
Ron Johnson and his 'ridiculous' allies disrespect Wisconsinites

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
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Contact your legislators in opposition to DNR changes.

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“Cloak of Secrecy” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss Scott Walker and the GOP’s efforts to expand their cloak of secrecy over open government in Wisconsin. We welcome 13-year-old Leslie Flores from Waukesha, who recently made national headlines by confronting Scott Walker on immigration in Iowa. The panel digs into the latest WEDC scandals. We also look at progress on fair wages, including a discussion with Dave Somerscales from SEIU Local 1 on the fight of Milwaukee janitors for a living wage, and New York's new $15 minimum wage for fast food workers. We also examine how the Obama Administration is pressuring Wisconsin to negotiate lower health insurance premiums, and Scott Walker's bellicose campaign rhetoric, threatening an attack on Iran on his first day in office.
Click here to listen to Podcast #203

Milwaukee Justice for Janitors Rally

Wednesday, July 29th, Noon
Meet at: SEIU Local 1, 250 E. Wisconsin Ave.
More details

Records show Robin Vos asked for public records changes
Scott Walker Proposes Shutting Wisconsin Ethics Board
Don't replace state's elections watchdog agency
More trouble than jobs at economic agency Walker championed
WEDC gave loan to entrepreneur in case with 'earmarks of fraud'
WEDC board fails to address Eaton outsourcing at quarterly meeting.
Walker confronted by family of undocumented worker on campaign trail.
Bush-Walker Dispute Catches Fire Over Iran Nuclear Deal.
HHS Pushes States To Negotiate Lower Obamacare Rates.

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 "John D’oh & Dough 4 Bucks"

We discuss the democracy imperiling Wisconsin Supreme Court decision to end the John Doe case against Gov. Walker and conservative groups for illegal campaign coordination during the recall election. We welcome Sen. Chris Larson to review this week’s vote in the state senate to help finance a new arena in Milwaukee. Click here to listen to Podcast #202

Supreme Court ends John Doe probe that threatened Scott Walker's presidential bid
Center for Media and Democracy Denounces Corrupt John Doe Ruling From Conflicted Court
Critics decry partisanship in Wisconsin Supreme Court decision ending John Doe investigation.
Senate approves financing deal for Bucks arena, 21-10
State Senate passes Bucks arena deal
Why the state senators voted the way they did on Milwaukee Bucks arena deal
WalkerCare: A bad prescription for America.

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Cracking & Packing 7 Days A Week

This week we review the GOP's "dumpster fire" state budget which will restrict economic opportunity in Wisconsin. The budget failed to get 12 Republican legislators to vote for it. Jorna Taylor educates us on the new lawsuit against the state over 2011 Election redistricting, arguing the current legislative maps are so partisan as to be unconstitutional. We also preview Scott Walker's presidential campaign announcement on Monday evening in Waukesha. Click here to listen to podcast #201

Warning: Don’t Let Scott Walker Ruin America Rally
Monday, July 13th @ 4:00 PM
Waukesha Expo Center, 1000 Northview Road, Waukesha

Find out more about redistricting lawsuit.

$73B state budget sent to Walker
$72.7 billion budget heads to Scott Walker
Budget amendment would allow 7-day workweeks
Highlights of Wisconsin state budget passed by Legislature
Wisconsin Senate approves budget, Assembly to take it up Wednesday
Scott Fitzgerald: Scott Walker's office was involved with open records changes
WI State Journal Editorial: John Nygren's privacy defense falls flat
Democrats sue state election officials over 2011 redistricting
Democrats sue state over redistricting, call it 'one of the worst' gerrymanders ever
The poisonous bite of Wisconsin's gerrymander

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