Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Fox guarding the hen house”

We welcome Jennifer Giegerich from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to discuss the implications of Scott Walker’s campaign promise to all but eliminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We also talk with Jennifer about the sudden restructuring and slashing cuts to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). In addition, our panel discusses the latest WEDC revaluations, on-going attack on open government, funding for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena, a new racist comment by Sen. Ron Johnson, and the 50th Birthday of Medicare and Medicaid.

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Scott Walker calls for dramatic rollback of EPA's role in regulating polluters
Depleted DNR's reorganization appears cosmetic, former secretary says
Critics Question DNR's Reorganization Plan
Email links Scott Walker to open records changes
Attorney: 'I would not trust this Legislature to do the right thing' with open records laws
LWV's Andrea Kaminski: Beware of politicians who target watchdog agencies.
Journal Times editorial: GAB should remain intact
New Research: WEDC is Four Years of Failure
Sen. Ron Johnson refers to 'idiot inner city kids' on Milwaukee radio
Ron Johnson and his 'ridiculous' allies disrespect Wisconsinites

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
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Contact your legislators in opposition to DNR changes.

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“Cloak of Secrecy” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss Scott Walker and the GOP’s efforts to expand their cloak of secrecy over open government in Wisconsin. We welcome 13-year-old Leslie Flores from Waukesha, who recently made national headlines by confronting Scott Walker on immigration in Iowa. The panel digs into the latest WEDC scandals. We also look at progress on fair wages, including a discussion with Dave Somerscales from SEIU Local 1 on the fight of Milwaukee janitors for a living wage, and New York's new $15 minimum wage for fast food workers. We also examine how the Obama Administration is pressuring Wisconsin to negotiate lower health insurance premiums, and Scott Walker's bellicose campaign rhetoric, threatening an attack on Iran on his first day in office.
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Milwaukee Justice for Janitors Rally

Wednesday, July 29th, Noon
Meet at: SEIU Local 1, 250 E. Wisconsin Ave.
More details

Records show Robin Vos asked for public records changes
Scott Walker Proposes Shutting Wisconsin Ethics Board
Don't replace state's elections watchdog agency
More trouble than jobs at economic agency Walker championed
WEDC gave loan to entrepreneur in case with 'earmarks of fraud'
WEDC board fails to address Eaton outsourcing at quarterly meeting.
Walker confronted by family of undocumented worker on campaign trail.
Bush-Walker Dispute Catches Fire Over Iran Nuclear Deal.
HHS Pushes States To Negotiate Lower Obamacare Rates.

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 "John D’oh & Dough 4 Bucks"

We discuss the democracy imperiling Wisconsin Supreme Court decision to end the John Doe case against Gov. Walker and conservative groups for illegal campaign coordination during the recall election. We welcome Sen. Chris Larson to review this week’s vote in the state senate to help finance a new arena in Milwaukee. Click here to listen to Podcast #202

Supreme Court ends John Doe probe that threatened Scott Walker's presidential bid
Center for Media and Democracy Denounces Corrupt John Doe Ruling From Conflicted Court
Critics decry partisanship in Wisconsin Supreme Court decision ending John Doe investigation.
Senate approves financing deal for Bucks arena, 21-10
State Senate passes Bucks arena deal
Why the state senators voted the way they did on Milwaukee Bucks arena deal
WalkerCare: A bad prescription for America.

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Cracking & Packing 7 Days A Week

This week we review the GOP's "dumpster fire" state budget which will restrict economic opportunity in Wisconsin. The budget failed to get 12 Republican legislators to vote for it. Jorna Taylor educates us on the new lawsuit against the state over 2011 Election redistricting, arguing the current legislative maps are so partisan as to be unconstitutional. We also preview Scott Walker's presidential campaign announcement on Monday evening in Waukesha. Click here to listen to podcast #201

Warning: Don’t Let Scott Walker Ruin America Rally
Monday, July 13th @ 4:00 PM
Waukesha Expo Center, 1000 Northview Road, Waukesha

Find out more about redistricting lawsuit.

$73B state budget sent to Walker
$72.7 billion budget heads to Scott Walker
Budget amendment would allow 7-day workweeks
Highlights of Wisconsin state budget passed by Legislature
Wisconsin Senate approves budget, Assembly to take it up Wednesday
Scott Fitzgerald: Scott Walker's office was involved with open records changes
WI State Journal Editorial: John Nygren's privacy defense falls flat
Democrats sue state election officials over 2011 redistricting
Democrats sue state over redistricting, call it 'one of the worst' gerrymanders ever
The poisonous bite of Wisconsin's gerrymander

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Freedom Friday - Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

This week we celebrate last Friday's SCOTUS's Gay marriage decision, and a chat about their other recent decisions on Obamacare and Redistricting. We then hit the More-Bang-For-The-Bucks arena controversy that wraps into the un-amazing State Budget activity this week. Jennifer checks in live from the bus stop on the 48 hour work stoppage by Milwaukee County Transit Union members. We also discuss Bernie Sanders, hot at 72! and the "Feel the Bern" movement that swept through WI this week. We also touch on prevailing wage and the transportation budget. We wish all our Battleground Wisconsin Podcast listeners a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! 

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Health Care Sabotage Foiled Again: Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

This weeks podcast was taped moments after the critical U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding a key affordability provision of the health care law. This week we reflect this landmark ruling from the high court. We also discuss Governor Walker's presidential ambitions when it comes to guns, flags and a woman's right to not carry to full term in cases of rape and incest. We also delve into the lessons of Charleston, and a merger of two Wisconsin progressive organizations. And finally, we chat about launching a campaign to install Dr. Robert Kraig as the new CEO of WEDC and, of course, engage in witty banter around all the great things to do in Milwaukee. Click here to listen to Podcast #199




“Blame Canada”

Our panel reviews the latest state budget news (or lack of) and conducts an autopsy on the conservative effort to cut taxes on those making more than $200,000. WEDC and Walker take their jalopy road show to Canada. We also discuss the upcoming SCOTUS ruling on ACA and the implications of new labor ruling that Uber is an employer of their drivers. Milwaukee security guard, Greg Pierce, joins us to talk about being fired for organizing a union with SEIU Local 1. Click here to listen to podcast #198

Watch video of Greg Pier​ce
, who was fired for organizing a union.
Call Steve Klein, president, American Security
@ 1 (800) 403-1155.
Tell him to give Greg his job back and respect workers right to organize a union.

Lawmaker abandons AMT repeal, pursues 'marriage penalty' reduction
Darling: Budget deliberations could stretch into mid-July
Milwaukee Democrat says if Bucks arena plan removed from budget, deal is dead
Budget committee co-chair: Likely that Bucks arena is taken out of budget
WEDC has yet to claw back money from company outsourcing WI jobs
GOP rife with tensions over Obamacare-SCOTUS response
Republicans Crushed As 86% Of Enrollees Are Satisfied With Their Obamacare
As budget fight rages at home, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker goes abroad
A California Labor Ruling Just Said Uber Drivers Are Employees: That’s Uber’s Worst Nightmare.

Take Action to Close Walker's failed Jobs Agency



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“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Legislative Audit Bureau” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Conservatives want to end Legislative Audit Bureau

We discuss conservative legislators' effort to end the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau. The proposal was unveiled this week and widely criticized as bad policy. Most see it as retaliation against the audit bureau for its investigation of Walker’s failed jobs agency, while the bill’s authors insist it was not. We review the numerous items inserted into the state budget by Republicans after the public hearings, including lower standards for 6-12 teachers, more logging in state forests, less funding for state parks and the potential Bucks arena. We thank all the parents, students, educators and community leaders organizing throughout Wisconsin in support of public schools.


The panel reviews what’s at stake with the new Bucks arena proposal. The arena is a great opportunity for Milwaukee and Wisconsin if the project is done right. This week the first public hearing was held on the project.  We discuss the funding mechanisms for the project and concerns being raised by community and political leaders that the deal does not adequately address job quality for the projected 1000 permanent jobs the project supporters predict the public subsidy will produce. Without clear standards many of these jobs are likely to pay below a living wage.  


We conclude the show with a preview of the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act exchange subsidies. A bad decision by the court will result in millions of Americans unnecessarily losing access to healthcare coverage, including thousands of Wisconsin residents. The court is expected to rule later this month and the issue will likely dominate the public agenda this summer and into the 2016 Election. A special thanks this week to the show’s producer for the last three years, Brian Wooldridge. The show can not happen without him! Listen to podcast #197


Author of proposal to abolish Legislative Audit Bureau says it's not a response to scathing WEDC audits
Leading Good Government Groups in Wisconsin Denounce Bill to Destroy Audit Bureau
Kicking Controls Out the Window Budget surprises: Items inserted with little or no public input
Assembly Democrats offer resolution calling on WEDC to produce loan documents
Public school backers step up push to roll back GOP measures
Some raise doubts about county debt collection part of arena deal
Under arena plan, county debtors would pay 15% surcharge
Obama gives sweeping defense of healthcare law as Supreme Court ruling looms
Before the Supreme Court Weighs in on health law, Obama makes his case

Take Action to Close Walker's failed Jobs Agency

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Wisconsin Families Under Assault
This week we welcome Nicole Safar from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin to discuss this week’s public hearing on GOP abortion legislation the medical community calls an unacceptable intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship. We also talk about the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce’s new assault on Wisconsin’s Family Medical Leave law, a new Milwaukee arena plan, more WEDC follies, a new federal voting rights lawsuit, and a victory for immigrant families over Milwaukee County's arch-conservative Sheriff David Clark. Click here to listen to podcast #196

Wisconsin Republicans to introduce 20-week abortion ban with Scott Walker's support.

20-week abortion ban sparks heated debate in Wisconsin legislative committee

'Medical emergency' exception in Wisconsin's 20-week abortion ban leaves room for confusion.
Employers push for changes to FMLA law in state budget

Data Calls into Question Fairness of WEDC’s Jobs Impact

Details of Bucks arena deal expected to be announced Thursday

Bucks to pay any cost overruns under arena financing deal
Voting rights advocates sue Wisconsin GAB over election policies

Judge backs immigrant rights group in spat with Sheriff David Clarke




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"Andre the Giant Prevailing in Wage Repeal?"

Our panel explores the wrestling match between Rep Andre Jacque (R-ALEC) and GOP Assembly leader Rep. Vos on the anti-worker repeal of Wisconsin's prevailing wage law. Jen updates us on a lawsuit disputing that Wisconsin's $7.25 minimum wage is an adequate living wage as required by state law. We also update the dysfunction at Walker's failed jobs agency and Walker's bizarre description of forced ultrasounds as "cool" for women. We also welcome state representative LaTonya Johnson back to the podcast to discuss her new bill to help fund alcohol and drug screening program in high schools. Click here to listen to Podcast #195

GOP lawmakers advance prevailing wage repeal
Labor Committee Approves Prevailing Wage Repeal Bill
Andre Jacque: Republicans may need prevailing wage repeal in order to pass budget
Walker says he'd be 'pleased' with prevailing wage repeal
Americans For Corporate Prosperity Congratulates Committee Vote On Prevailing Wage Repeal. Chapter Announces Launch of Radio Ads Encouraging Passage By Full Assembly
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Op/ED: WEDC must be replaced
Scott Walker proves himself to be incompetent and irresponsible
Scott Walker touts vaginal ultrasound requirement for abortions
Legislation By Rep. Johnson Would Have Wisconsin Schools Adopt Alcohol And Drug Screening Program Called SBIRT.

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