Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Walker Blows National Guard Dog Whistle” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Our panel discusses Gov. Walker’s sudden interest in foreign policy and his threat to call the National Guard to Milwaukee. We review Walker’s renewed push to shift the tax burden to moderate income people and merge state agencies while conservatives in the legislature push to eliminate the non-partisan state elections board.  Also the State Supreme Court takes up John Doe and Citizen Action releases the 9th Annual Wisconsin Health Care Cost Report.

Walker: National Guard would help if protests erupt in Hamilton case
Walker's top 2015 priority: Cut property taxes
Gov. Scott Walker critical of U.S. moves to normalize relations with Cuba
Gov. Scott Walker says agency, cabinet changes are on the way
Partisan grip to get tighter: Look for legislature to move quickly to choke off independent oversight.
Assembly Speaker Says He's 'Open' To Replacing GAB With Partisan Elections Board
Why the GOP Is Attacking the Elections Watchdog
Both Sides Of Campaign Finance Debate Happy Supreme Court Will Take Up John Doe 
Walker Says He Hopes State Supreme Court Will Put John Doe Probe To Rest
State high court to take up Doe cases centered on Walker's campaign.
9th Annual Wisconsin Health Insurance Cost Rankings report.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:



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Deceitful Attack on Worker Freedom

Our panel discusses conservatives’ deceitful attack on the freedom of Wisconsin workers, a faith-based campaign for prison reforms in Wisconsin, a GOP effort to force two liberal justices off the Supreme Court by setting an age-limit, and the long awaited Kleefisch Commission’s “We hate taxes” report.



Gov. Walker considers merging state agencies.
Kleefisch Commission Report: High property taxes the top concern raised in tax reform roundtables.
Conservatives in legislature look to mandate retirement age for Supreme Court justices.
Scott Walker to meet with mega-donor Sheldon Adelson.
WMC's Bauer advocates for gas-tax hike, eliminating highest tax bracket, union limitations.
"Sen. Jennifer Shilling says Scott Walker could be more forceful if he really wants to stop right to work.
Right-to-work heats up as Barca calls on governor to ‘put brakes on’.
Economic Harms, Benefits Of Right-To-Work Bill Are Likely Minimal, Economist Says.
Chippewa Herald Editorial: Right-to-work not the right priority.
Faith-based group urges Wisconsin to look at other states prison reforms.

Faith-based group calls for prison reforms in Wisconsin.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


"Shankland & Taylor's Bold Vision" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Rep. Katrina Shankland and Rep. Chris Taylor to discuss the future of Wisconsin’s progressive movement and the Democratic Party. We also talk with Rosalynn Wolfe from Wisconsin Jobs Now! about Thursday’s national low wage worker strike. We also review conservative's efforts to shame people, break unions, and tax hybrids.

Katrina Shankland steps into new role as Assembly assistant minority leader
Shankland moves forward as Democratic leader
Chris Taylor: Time for Dems to get busy is right now
New Koch Brothers group pushes to make Wisconsin a right-to-work state
Legislator to introduce right-to-work legislation.
State Senate to quickly take up right-to-work legislation.
Rough road ahead: Proposal to hike taxes and fees takes heat from both conservatives and environmentalists.
Republicans ready to drug test for public assistance in Wisconsin.


Special Thanksgiving Interview with Chris Larson

Our Thanksgiving special is an extended interview with State Senator Chris Larson, the outgoing Democratic Leader. In the wide ranging interview we chat with Chris about what it is like to lead a statewide electoral effort, debrief the results of the 2014 elections, and discuss why too many out-state voters are responding to false right-wing appeals. We also look forward to another legislative session in the wilderness, and give a scouting report on the biggest threats to freedom and opportunity from the next conservative offensive.


Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


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“A Calling” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast


Our panel responds to news Scott Walker is seriously considering running for president, if he is “called.” We preview the upcoming state budget, including the Walker Administration’s crazy quilt of tax increases to fill the DOT’s deficit. We kick around Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ threat to withhold state support to the proposed Milwaukee sports arena because Buck’s owner Mark Lasry greeted President Barack Obama when he visited in Milwaukee. We also discuss 2 proactive campaigns Wisconsin progressives should invest in to begin to rebuild democracy in Wisconsin

Gov. Walker waiting for calling as he mulls 2016 run. If he's going to be a GOP contender, "I have to feel like it's a calling”
Scott Walker says he's seriously weighing presidential bid
Paul Ryan named chairman of House Ways and Means Committee
New taxes, higher fees
proposed by state transportation department.
Critics of transportation budget pounce on higher taxes and fees.
MJS Editorial: Transportation proposal
for Wisconsin needs thorough vetting
Walker donor one of four finalists
to develop Hill Farms property in Madison
Robin Vos' warnings
to new Bucks owners raise questions
States Seek Immunity from SCOTUS
Ruling on Health Subsidies

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Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:

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Drug Testing Walker & A Milwaukee TV Reporter

After batting around Gov. Walker’s plan to drug test the unemployed and food stamp recipients, we kick off a series of discussions on the future of Wisconsin’s progressive movement and the Democratic Party that will continue on future podcasts. The panel also reacts to new video of a Milwaukee TV reporter declaring that “public school suck” as she received an Emmy last week for her reporting.







Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


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Seeing Through The Red

We review the large Walker election victory and look forward.


seeing through the red


Vote Early

Wisconsin’s progressive movement is in full GOTV mode as early vote has started in Wisconsin. We discuss the latest polling showing the race remains statistically tied. We also discuss the significance of BadgerCare and the minimum wage continuing to play a pivotal role in shaping the election agenda. We also welcome Kayla Blado to talk about the New Leaders Council and the application process for new fellows for 2015.

New Rasmussen Poll: Burke 49% - Walker 48%
WPR/St. Norbert’s Poll: Walker 47% - Burke 46%
Politifact says FALSE when Scott Walker says next state budget will begin with $535 million surplus
Republicans caught in budget cover-up: PolitiFact Wisconsin confirms Walker’s $1.8 billion budget crisis
Citizen Action Files Open Records Request for Insurance Industry Lobbying on BadgerCare
County Referendums To Give Direction on Badgercare
BadgerCare Referendum in Outagamie County.
Minimum Wage Bubbles to surface in Governor’s Race.
LaCrosse Tribune: Minimum wage hike: Popular, but is it effective?
We're not the Wisconsin our parents envisioned.
State jobs agency's approach now focus of campaign.

Application to the New Leaders Council
Find out more about New Leaders Council

Early Voting Information from Government Accountability Board.
You can vote early at your local municipal clerk's office. In-person absentee voting (also known as early voting) runs October 20 to 31

If you live in Milwaukee and need a ride to vote early or on Election Day please call: 414-852-3245

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


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Walker Stumbles Badly

We review a bad week for Scott Walker, including: Walker stumbling badly in a TV interview trying to explain away insurance industry's influence on his BadgerCare Decision; Walker saying he doesn't believe the minimum wage "serves a purpose"; and a tied Marquette poll. We also discuss last week's Supreme Court decision to block voter ID, Judge Randa's latest disastrous decision on campaign coordination, and new revelations that Wisconsin taxpayers have paid millions to private schools that were later barred from the state's voucher system.


VIDEO of Scott Walker stumbling in addressing allegations he rejected Medicaid expansion to benefit insurers.
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Release on Walker's failed Explanation of Insurance Industry Influence on BadgerCare Decision.
Scott Walker says he doesn't believe minimum wage "serves a purpose"
Candidate forum: Senate contenders add to minimum wage debate
J.B. Van Hollen won't clarify statement on voter ID; appeals court judges thrash law.
U.S. Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin voter ID law
GOP voter ID law gets crushed: Why Judge Richard Posner’s new opinion is so amazing
Wisconsin paid millions to failed voucher schools

Application to the New Leaders Council
Find out more about New Leaders Council

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


Walker Defends Forced Vaginal Ultrasounds

We welcome Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin executive director, Tanya Atkinson, to discuss Scott Walker's new false ad that defends his record on women's health such as forced vaginal ultrasounds.  We also talk about Republican AG candidate Brad Schimel's bad week, including a statement that he would have defended a ban on interracial marriage.  Our panel also dissect the Walker Administration's declaration that $7.25/hour is a living wage. 

Walker TV Ad
Volunteer with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin
DWD rejects living wage complaint
Economists say higher minimum wages help, not hurt, economy.
COWS Report
Wausau Editorial: State of poverty getting worse
Schimel didn't prosecute attorney who removed files in John Doe probe
Schimel says he would have defended interracial marriage ban
AG race focus turns to complaint, interracial marriage comment
Brad Schimel Response 
Supreme Court could rule any day now on voter ID

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


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Mining Conservation Voters in Election 2014

We welcome Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters' Kerry Schumann to discuss conservation issues in the November Election and how conservationists are talking to voters.  We review the latest MU election poll and new state data revealing how many of the 62,000 kicked off BadgerCare are still uninsured in each Wisconsin county. And more.

New Marquette Law School Poll finds Walker leading in race for Wisconsin governor; attorney general race remains tied.
WLCV: Walker Conservation Failure Files
Volunteer with WLCV
Donate to WLCV
New data shows local impact of healthcare coverage gap
Many who lost BadgerCare still uninsured
Summit focuses on ways to better serve poor
MacIver Institute releases junk report on ObamaCare
Drug test corporate honchos too

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


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ALEC Infiltrated

We welcome State Representative Chris Taylor to discuss her experiences attending  ALEC conferences that are awash in corporate funded policy and campaign support. We also talk about, John Does' return with the lifting of the federal injunction, the latest election news, and a new effort that forces Scott Walker's hand on raising the minimum wage in Wisconsin.

Federal court lifts injunction against investigation into Scott Walker, conservative groups
Timeline: John Doe II investigation.
Waukesha County judge tosses out GOP lawsuit seeking ballot changes.
Budget mess worse than GOP admits.
Rep. Chris Taylor to share her experiences from ALEC conferences at Friday gathering
Labor groups file complaint with Gov. Walker asking for living wage.
Group Tries to Use Old Law to Raise Minimum Wage

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:

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The Politics of Voter ID

Our panel discusses the irresponsible appellate court ruling to hastily implement Wisconsin's voter ID law and its implications for the November Elections. We review the week's news including; the new MU Law poll shows the governor race is still tied. GOP ballotgate, Citizen Action's call for Gov. Walker to resign as chairman of the discredited WEDC, and state taxpayers will need pay $760 million more for Medicaid thanks to Walker.


Wisconsin election officials scramble on voter ID
NY Times Editorial: Electoral Chaos in Wisconsin
MJS Editorial: Appeals Court Asking For Trouble with Ruling on Wisconsin Voter ID Law
Opponents of Wisconsin Voter ID Law Seek Reversal of Court's Decision
MU Law Poll Executive Summary
Toxic Residue of Gifts for Scott Walker Pollutes the State
Citizen Action of Wisconsin and WI Democracy Campaign Call for Gov. Walker to Resign as Chairman of WEDC
State Says Absentee Ballots Already Cast Won't Count Until Voters Provide ID
Elections Officials Calls GOP Complaint "Absurd"
State Needs $760 Million More for Health Care Over Next Two Years

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


Previous Podcast

 $1.8 Billion Deficit

Our panel explores how the new $1.8 billion state deficit is playing out in the governor's race and its implications for progressive policy. Walker's failed jobs agency, WEDC, is back in the news with new tales of mismanagement. We discuss two new reports: (1) The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families finds the state ranks last in the country in the overall well-being of African-American children based on an index of 12 measures gauging children's success during each stage of life from birth to adulthood. (2) Citizen Action of Wisconsin reveals insurance premiums are substantially higher in Wisconsin than Minnesota in the new small business insurance marketplace.


Wisconsin state budget shortfall projected at nearly $1.8 billion
Walker and Burke campaign in La Crosse
If there's a budget mess this time, it belongs to Gov. Scott Walker
WEDC gets another black eye
Walker's WEDC Snow Job
Cost of worker health benefits up 3% as growth rate slows
WCCF Report
WCCF Media Release
Wisconsin's black children remain trapped in poverty, study says
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Report on MN/WI Small Business Insurance Cost

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


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