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 "WEDC Pig Says Oink" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

The podcast panel wishes you a happy Memorial Day Weekend.  This week we discuss the GOP cuts to public education passed this week in the budget committee. Walker's failed jobs agency (WEDC) continues to spin out of control as Democrats call for a federal investigation. We look at new numbers showing the decision to reject enhanced federal dollars for BadgerCare will cost the state $398 million in the next state budget. We also celebrate Los Angeles becoming the latest city to pass a $15/hour minimum wage.
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Sweeping GOP schools bill adds money, expands vouchers, revamps accountability, and more.
Large school districts face takeover; Racine Unified does not currently meet criteria.
GOP touts restored school funding as critics cite fundamental problems.
Democrats call for federal investigation into questionable WEDC loan deal.
Watchdog groups have long warned against WEDC practices.
State had sued for tax delinquency firm given unsecured jobs loan.
Scott Walker dumps budget proposal
that would have exempted WEDC records.
Rejecting BadgerCare Money Costing Nearly $400 Million in State Budget.
Los Angeles Lifts Its Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour

Take Action to Close Walker's failed Jobs Agency

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"Politics with Women’s Health & Closing WEDC" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Nicole Safar from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin to discuss callous legislation that would make all abortions illegal after 20 weeks from fertilization. We also discuss the latest scandals at failed WEDC, costly GOP legislation to drug test the unemployed and restrict food available to Wisconsin FoodShare recipients, new John Doe documents, and youth and community organizing behind the protests in response to the Tony Robinson and Dontre Hamilton shootings.
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Planned Parenthood Advocated of Wisconsin
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GOP legislators unveil bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks
20-Week Abortion Bans: Still Unconstitutional After All These Years
Assembly passes food stamp restrictions, drug testing for unemployed
Food stamp recipients targeted by Assembly bills
Governor Walker’s Failed Jobs Agency Should be Scrapped
Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: Time to Return to a State Department of Commerce
Sen. Hansen: Penalize firms that get state aid, outsource jobs
Records show ditching Wisconsin Idea was no accident
John Doe records show Scott Walker campaign arguments
After Wednesday's protest, leader of Madison's Young, Black and Gifted is 'refueled'
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"$15 and GOP Budget Backpedaling" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome State Representative Melissa Sargent to discuss her new legislation to raise Wisconsin's minimum wage to $15/hour and the latest developments in the state budget.  We also welcome two leaders of parent-based education organizations who are leading the fight in Wisconsin to adequately finance public education - Heather DuBois Bourenane, coordinator for the Wisconsin Public Education Network and Shawn Rolland from Support Our Schools in Tosa. We also talk about the expensive lengths conservatives will go through to punish low income workers and the unemployed.

Outsource Scott Walker's Job Agency - Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

This week the panel discuses the latest Walker outsourcing scandal, a $15 minimum wage, the proposed deregulation of for-profit colleges, whether we are ready for Hillary, and Citizen Actions new crowdfunding project.
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Milwaukee Member Crowdfunding Project
Progress Points Message Blog
WKOW - Eaton outsourcing WI jobs to Mexico again, WEDC


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Walker's budget fails drug test" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Scott Anderson, executive director, Wisconsin Council of Churches, to discuss a recent letter from 9 faith-based organizations raising moral objections to the forced drug testing of moderate income Wisconsinites.  We also handicap changes in Walker's budget in the context of new polling numbers and pessimistic revenue projections.  We look at State Senate's repeal of the 48 hour background check waiting period for the purchase of handguns. We also dig into new disturbing data linking increasing poverty in Wisconsin to the explosion of low wage jobs without benefits.
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Faith-based leaders letter on drug testing provisions in 2015 state budget
Religious groups ask lawmakers to reject tying aid to drug testing
Walker says there won’t be ‘huge amount’ of new revenue
Scott Walker: Any uptick in revenue should go to K-12
Senate votes to end Wisconsin's handgun waiting period
Scott Walker's approval rating declines in another state poll
Scott Walker’s ‘Breathtaking’ Plunge in Approval. Wisconsin wants legislators to block Scott Walker
David Koch: Scott Walker will be 2016 GOP nominee.
Study: Low Wages Cost Taxpayers $153B Annually In Public Assistance For Working Families
LISTEN to Joy Cardin interview with researcher.
Study: State poverty rate rises on low-wage jobs of economic recovery
Keep Wisconsin's 48-hour waiting period for handgun buys
Marquette Law School Poll finds Walker job approval down.
How Our Metaphors UnderCut Progressive Economics

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Military Threat to Wisconsin's Budget Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Jon Peacock, director of Wisconsin Budget Project, to talk about his new report  outlining three simple changes to the state budget the could result in $782 million in revenue without raising taxes. This could prevent cuts to UW System, public education and access to healthcare. Jen Epps Addison recaps events from 4/15 day strike for $15 and a union. Finally, Robert Kraig discusses the military threat to Wisconsin's budget.

Better Choices for the Wisconsin Budget: Legislators Can Avoid Deep Cuts without Raising Taxes.
Fight for $15 rally calls for higher minimum wage.
Get active with Fight for 15.
14 of 49 policy items removed from Walker budget.
Converting DNR board to advisory council removed from budget.
Budget panel removes $250,000 for wind power study
Military Spending Not BadgerCare Real Threat to Wisconsin Budget.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


"Legislators expose the state budget" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Representatives LaTonya Johnson and Mandela Barnes, along with Senator Chris Larson, for a panel discussion on the state budget. The panel reviews the impact of the public hearings, potential changes to the Governor's proposal, and highlights worst and under-covered parts of the budget. We also handicap potential Republicans who may be open to public persuasion on key parts of the budget.




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"WalkerCare Abandons Wisconsinites" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss Gov. Walker's attempt again to wash his hands of any responsibility for protecting health care coverage for over 184,000 Wisconsinites at risk because of a U.S. Supreme Court case, and GOP plans to repeal prevailing wage in the state budget. We welcome Tom Frazier, Former Executive Director of the Coalition of Wisconsin's Aging Groups to discuss Walker's shocking and unplanned changes to long term care in Wisconsin. We also talk spring elections, including a closer look at the political power grab by the WMC to undermine the public's right to decide who is the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Scott Walker pledges to 'push back' on Obamacare
Walker Denies His Responsibility to Safeguard Health Care for Over 184,000 Wisconsinites.
Repeal of Wisconsin's prevailing wage could be inserted into budget bill
Prevailing wage repeal may be tucked into Wisconsin budget
Shifting continues in top posts at state jobs agency
New arena funding option similar to Lambeau Field's
Mayor Barrett, Abele meet with Bucks, legislators on arena funding
WMC Spends $600,000 to Demote Chief Justice as Criminal Probe of Walker Campaign Looms
Captimes Editorial: Vote 'no' on scheme to politicize Supreme Court
Citizen Action Says Vote No on Supreme Court Chief Justice Amendment
TAKE ACTION FOR JUSTICE BRADLEY! Citizen Action has set up a virtual (online) phone bank system so that YOU can make a difference and help get out the vote no matter where you are or when you have time!


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