Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Military Threat to Wisconsin's Budget Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Jon Peacock, director of Wisconsin Budget Project, to talk about his new report  outlining three simple changes to the state budget the could result in $782 million in revenue without raising taxes. This could prevent cuts to UW System, public education and access to healthcare. Jen Epps Addison recaps events from 4/15 day strike for $15 and a union. Finally, Robert Kraig discusses the military threat to Wisconsin's budget.

Better Choices for the Wisconsin Budget: Legislators Can Avoid Deep Cuts without Raising Taxes.
Fight for $15 rally calls for higher minimum wage.
Get active with Fight for 15.
14 of 49 policy items removed from Walker budget.
Converting DNR board to advisory council removed from budget.
Budget panel removes $250,000 for wind power study
Military Spending Not BadgerCare Real Threat to Wisconsin Budget.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:




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"Legislators expose the state budget" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Representatives LaTonya Johnson and Mandela Barnes, along with Senator Chris Larson, for a panel discussion on the state budget. The panel reviews the impact of the public hearings, potential changes to the Governor's proposal, and highlights worst and under-covered parts of the budget. We also handicap potential Republicans who may be open to public persuasion on key parts of the budget.




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"WalkerCare Abandons Wisconsinites" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss Gov. Walker's attempt again to wash his hands of any responsibility for protecting health care coverage for over 184,000 Wisconsinites at risk because of a U.S. Supreme Court case, and GOP plans to repeal prevailing wage in the state budget. We welcome Tom Frazier, Former Executive Director of the Coalition of Wisconsin's Aging Groups to discuss Walker's shocking and unplanned changes to long term care in Wisconsin. We also talk spring elections, including a closer look at the political power grab by the WMC to undermine the public's right to decide who is the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Scott Walker pledges to 'push back' on Obamacare
Walker Denies His Responsibility to Safeguard Health Care for Over 184,000 Wisconsinites.
Repeal of Wisconsin's prevailing wage could be inserted into budget bill
Prevailing wage repeal may be tucked into Wisconsin budget
Shifting continues in top posts at state jobs agency
New arena funding option similar to Lambeau Field's
Mayor Barrett, Abele meet with Bucks, legislators on arena funding
WMC Spends $600,000 to Demote Chief Justice as Criminal Probe of Walker Campaign Looms
Captimes Editorial: Vote 'no' on scheme to politicize Supreme Court
Citizen Action Says Vote No on Supreme Court Chief Justice Amendment
TAKE ACTION FOR JUSTICE BRADLEY! Citizen Action has set up a virtual (online) phone bank system so that YOU can make a difference and help get out the vote no matter where you are or when you have time!


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"Finishing School" Battleground ‘Wiscahnsin’ Podcast

We discuss the latest news from Wisconsin including; the Supreme Court keeps Wisconsin voter ID, a judge rules abortion law unconstitutional, IRIS and FamilyCare testimony featured at JFC public hearings, new reports continue to reveal the lack of economic opportunity for African-Americans and the middle class in Wisconsin, and the April 7th Election.

Attend a public budget hearing
Supreme Court keeps Wisconsin voter ID law in place
Judge rules Wisconsin abortion law unconstitutional
Public to Walker: Don't cut human-services programs
UW System chief says he'd resign if cuts aren't reduced, tenure protected
Could BadgerCare balance the budget? Some lawmakers say cuts to UW System could be avoided – but how?
Advocates Deliver 35,000 Petitions Calling on Finance Committee to Take BadgerCare Dollars and Protect UW
Wisconsin tops nation in black joblessness, study finds
Pew Report: Wisconsin worst in nation on shrinking middle class
Runaway Tax Cut: Price Tag for Tax Credit far Higher than Expected
Wisconsin’s Worst in the Nation Decline of Middle Class a Bipartisan Disaster
For 2016 Run, Scott Walker Washes ‘Wiscahnsin’ Out of His Mouth
Secret $1.5 million donation from Wisconsin billionaire uncovered in Scott Walker dark-money probe
Bradley: Keep court nonpartisan

Re-Elect Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. Vote Tuesday, April 7th

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


“Walker Budget Meets the People” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Rep. Gordon Hintz, who is a member of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, to discuss the state budget public hearings which began this week. Rep. Hintz debriefs the first JFC public hearing in Brillion on Wednesday. We also discuss new Wisconsin polling numbers on healthcare, WEDC’s failed job poaching strategy, McDonald's and Starbucks aren’t lovin’ it, and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is the clear choice for State Supreme Court on April 7th.

Educators, parents voice state budget opposition
Rep. Taylor and Rep. Hintz media release: Northeast Wisconsin Strongly Opposes Walker Budget 
Chippewa Falls Editorial: Walker must answer for state's deficit
Chippewa Falls School Board to consider state budget protest
Long-term care advocates speak out on budget
Journal Times editorial: Yet again, WEDC less than vigilant with taxpayer money.
Poll: Majority wants Scott Walker to address potential Obamacare crisis
New Wisconsin Poll Shows Public Wants Major Changes to Budget on Health Care
McDonald's Workers Are Regularly Told to Treat Burns With Condiments
Starbucks Faces Criticism Over 'Race Together' Campaign
NBC News Essay: So a Black Guy Walks Into a Starbucks.. Barista, Bye
Working Poor Families Project report highlights more disparities for Wisconsin minorities
How Unions Can Grow Stronger in the Wake of Right To Work
WEDC Pursues Economically Bankrupt Job Poaching Strategy
Wisconsin job creation rank falls to 38th in U.S.
Attend a State Budget Hearing

Re-Elect Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. Vote Tuesday, April 7th


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“Freedom From Workers, Women and Diversity” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Nicole Safar from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin to discuss Scott Walker’s new effort to rush state legislation restricting abortions after 20 weeks in order to benefit his presidential aspirations. Jen Epps-Addison reviews the large mobilization of youth and fast food workers in Madison this week seeking justice for Tony Robinson while making connections to the struggle for economic justice. We also review news that Gov. Walker’s failed jobs agency, WEDC, is still not following the law, Affordable Care Act enrollment in Wisconsin reaches 207,346, and “Right to Work” is signed at anti-union multinational corporation in front of all white crowd, free of pesky workers who were not allowed to attend.

Scott Walker says he would sign ban on abortions after 20 weeks.
State Sen. Mary Lazich is lead sponsor on 20-week abortion ban bill in works
Law Professor: 20-Week Abortion Bans Unconstitutional, Purely Symbolic. Wisconsin Ban, If Passed, Unlikely To Become Law
Hundreds of protesters close East Side streets, march to Governor's Mansion
1,000 protesters block East Washington Ave. in march for justice for Tony Robinson.
Walker's Jobs agency (WEDC) again fails to track incentives
MJS Editorial: WEDC Governor and legislators need to make sure that WEDC works.
Beloit Daily News Editorial: Why can’t WEDC get it done right?
Unemployment increases across Wisconsin
Obamacare enrollment in Wisconsin reaches 207,349 as of Feb. 22
Nearly 90 percent of Obamacare enrollees in Wisconsin qualify for subsidies.
Scott Walker’s One-Of-A-Kind Obamacare Conundrum
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signs 'right-to-work' bill on Badger Meter shop floor
Walker Signs So-Called Right to Work at Outsourcing Multinational Corporation

TAKE ACTION with Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin


Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news


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"Laying Waste to Wisconsin" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Paul Secunda, Director of the Labor and Employment Law Program at Marquette University Law School, to look forward at what a strong and growing labor movement in a "right to work" Wisconsin might look like. We focus on Gov. Walker's failed stewardship of our conservation legacy in his budget with Kerry Schumann, Executive Director, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.  We also discuss a new bill for to create a state exchange to avoid the loss of health care coverage for over 183,000 Wisconsinites if SCOTUS rules against the Affordable Care Act.

UWM Lake Effect: Paul Secunda on "right to work" Paul Secunda on Lake Effect
With right-to-work poised to pass, Minnesota Republicans target Wisconsin businesses
Appleton Post Crescent Editorial: Walker’s plan makes outdoors not so great
DNR Secretary Won't Rule Out Selling Corporate Naming Rights For State Parks
Cathy Stepp tells panel DNR may sell naming rights to state parks
Why Scott Walker Should Hope the Supreme Court Leaves Obamacare In Place
Legislation to Protect WI Health Consumers from Dangerous U.S. Supreme Court Decision
With right-to-work poised to pass, Minnesota Republicans target Wisconsin businesses
Get active with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:

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"#WrongForWI" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Our panel discusses the historic anti-worker week in Madison and looks forward. 


From a 'distraction' to fast-tracked to his desk: Scott Walker poised to sign right-to-work bill
Wisconsin Senate Passes Labor Bill After Union-Led Protests
Right to work latest move in GOP transformation of state. State Senate passes right-to-work bill amid protests
NY Times: For Scott Walker, a consistent approach under tough questioning.
Politico: New poll says Scott Walker leads the pack in Iowa. Democrats tout savings in Medicaid compromise bill: Sen. Cowles ope to accepting federal funds to stop UW Cuts.
New Medicaid Bill would save Wisconsin taxpayers $241 million LaCrosse Area leader support BadgerCare
More information on the Joint Committee on Finance.

Contact your State Representative Today to oppose "Right to Work"

Attend Anti-"Right to Work" Rally
Saturday, February 28th, Noon
State Capitol
More information about rally and buses

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:

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"BadgerCare Iowa Fix" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome state representative Daniel Riemer to celebrate 205,000+ Wisconsin residents getting access to affordable healthcare through ObamaCare and to discuss Rep. Riemer's new legislation to accept federal money for BadgerCare the Iowa way.  We talk about Walker's $135 per pupil cut to public education and review the next steps in the state budget process.

Enrollment under Affordable Care Act increases 58 percent in Wisconsin to 205,000 people
Some 11.4 million Americans have enrolled in Obamacare: White House says
MJS Editorial: Gov. Scott Walker made an easy call look hard
Full Medicaid expansion could save state as much as $345 million
New BadgerCare Bill To Be Introduced Today in Madison
Cost savings grow for Democratic plan to strengthen BadgerCare. Shilling urges action on plan to expand health care access and save $345 million
Scott Walker's 'education reform' is a plan to dismember public schools
Walker budget gets bad reviews at GOP Legislators' listening session

Attend media conference announcing BadgerCare Iowa Fix legislation with Rep. Daniel Riemer

La Crosse, Mon, Feb 23rd, 10:45am, La Crosse Health and Human Services Building, 300 4th St N
Eau Claire, Mon, Feb 23rd, 2:45pm Chippewa Valley Free Clinic, 836 Richard Dr.

Republicans in the legislature are feeling pressure to prevent historic cuts to the UW system. PLEDGE now to contact your legislators today & urge them to save UW by accepting federal funds for BadgerCare!

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


Evolving with Sen. Hansen & Rep. Shankland

We welcome Sen. Dave Hansen to discuss some of the worst devolution in Scott Walker's budget, including slashing cuts to SeniorCare and Recycling. Rep. Katrina Shankland also joins us to talk about the Assembly Democrats recently announced Economic Opportunity Agenda and Gov. Walker’s budget. And of course, we weigh in on Walker's London trip, and his dodging of those tough evolution questions.

Case managers say SeniorCare cuts would raise out-of-pocket costs
Walker's cuts to SeniorCare could leave some struggling
Democrats launch petition to stop SeniorCare cuts.
Sign online petition
Rep. Jorgensen Paper Petition
Walker's budget calls for more recycling cuts
Scott Walker, in London: 'I'm going to punt' on answering evolution question
Assembly Democrats Announce Economic Opportunity Agenda: “15 Bills for 2015”

Republicans in the legislature are feeling pressure to prevent historic cuts to the UW system.
PLEDGE now to contact your legislators today & urge them to save UW by accepting federal funds for BadgerCare!

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