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Walker Stumbles Badly

We review a bad week for Scott Walker, including: Walker stumbling badly in a TV interview trying to explain away insurance industry's influence on his BadgerCare Decision; Walker saying he doesn't believe the minimum wage "serves a purpose"; and a tied Marquette poll. We also discuss last week's Supreme Court decision to block voter ID, Judge Randa's latest disastrous decision on campaign coordination, and new revelations that Wisconsin taxpayers have paid millions to private schools that were later barred from the state's voucher system.


VIDEO of Scott Walker stumbling in addressing allegations he rejected Medicaid expansion to benefit insurers.
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Release on Walker's failed Explanation of Insurance Industry Influence on BadgerCare Decision.
Scott Walker says he doesn't believe minimum wage "serves a purpose"
Candidate forum: Senate contenders add to minimum wage debate
J.B. Van Hollen won't clarify statement on voter ID; appeals court judges thrash law.
U.S. Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin voter ID law
GOP voter ID law gets crushed: Why Judge Richard Posner’s new opinion is so amazing
Wisconsin paid millions to failed voucher schools

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Walker Defends Forced Vaginal Ultrasounds

We welcome Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin executive director, Tanya Atkinson, to discuss Scott Walker's new false ad that defends his record on women's health such as forced vaginal ultrasounds.  We also talk about Republican AG candidate Brad Schimel's bad week, including a statement that he would have defended a ban on interracial marriage.  Our panel also dissect the Walker Administration's declaration that $7.25/hour is a living wage. 

Walker TV Ad
Volunteer with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin
DWD rejects living wage complaint
Economists say higher minimum wages help, not hurt, economy.
COWS Report
Wausau Editorial: State of poverty getting worse
Schimel didn't prosecute attorney who removed files in John Doe probe
Schimel says he would have defended interracial marriage ban
AG race focus turns to complaint, interracial marriage comment
Brad Schimel Response 
Supreme Court could rule any day now on voter ID

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Mining Conservation Voters in Election 2014

We welcome Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters' Kerry Schumann to discuss conservation issues in the November Election and how conservationists are talking to voters.  We review the latest MU election poll and new state data revealing how many of the 62,000 kicked off BadgerCare are still uninsured in each Wisconsin county. And more.

New Marquette Law School Poll finds Walker leading in race for Wisconsin governor; attorney general race remains tied.
WLCV: Walker Conservation Failure Files
Volunteer with WLCV
Donate to WLCV
New data shows local impact of healthcare coverage gap
Many who lost BadgerCare still uninsured
Summit focuses on ways to better serve poor
MacIver Institute releases junk report on ObamaCare
Drug test corporate honchos too

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ALEC Infiltrated

We welcome State Representative Chris Taylor to discuss her experiences attending  ALEC conferences that are awash in corporate funded policy and campaign support. We also talk about, John Does' return with the lifting of the federal injunction, the latest election news, and a new effort that forces Scott Walker's hand on raising the minimum wage in Wisconsin.

Federal court lifts injunction against investigation into Scott Walker, conservative groups
Timeline: John Doe II investigation.
Waukesha County judge tosses out GOP lawsuit seeking ballot changes.
Budget mess worse than GOP admits.
Rep. Chris Taylor to share her experiences from ALEC conferences at Friday gathering
Labor groups file complaint with Gov. Walker asking for living wage.
Group Tries to Use Old Law to Raise Minimum Wage

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:

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The Politics of Voter ID

Our panel discusses the irresponsible appellate court ruling to hastily implement Wisconsin's voter ID law and its implications for the November Elections. We review the week's news including; the new MU Law poll shows the governor race is still tied. GOP ballotgate, Citizen Action's call for Gov. Walker to resign as chairman of the discredited WEDC, and state taxpayers will need pay $760 million more for Medicaid thanks to Walker.


Wisconsin election officials scramble on voter ID
NY Times Editorial: Electoral Chaos in Wisconsin
MJS Editorial: Appeals Court Asking For Trouble with Ruling on Wisconsin Voter ID Law
Opponents of Wisconsin Voter ID Law Seek Reversal of Court's Decision
MU Law Poll Executive Summary
Toxic Residue of Gifts for Scott Walker Pollutes the State
Citizen Action of Wisconsin and WI Democracy Campaign Call for Gov. Walker to Resign as Chairman of WEDC
State Says Absentee Ballots Already Cast Won't Count Until Voters Provide ID
Elections Officials Calls GOP Complaint "Absurd"
State Needs $760 Million More for Health Care Over Next Two Years

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 $1.8 Billion Deficit

Our panel explores how the new $1.8 billion state deficit is playing out in the governor's race and its implications for progressive policy. Walker's failed jobs agency, WEDC, is back in the news with new tales of mismanagement. We discuss two new reports: (1) The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families finds the state ranks last in the country in the overall well-being of African-American children based on an index of 12 measures gauging children's success during each stage of life from birth to adulthood. (2) Citizen Action of Wisconsin reveals insurance premiums are substantially higher in Wisconsin than Minnesota in the new small business insurance marketplace.


Wisconsin state budget shortfall projected at nearly $1.8 billion
Walker and Burke campaign in La Crosse
If there's a budget mess this time, it belongs to Gov. Scott Walker
WEDC gets another black eye
Walker's WEDC Snow Job
Cost of worker health benefits up 3% as growth rate slows
WCCF Report
WCCF Media Release
Wisconsin's black children remain trapped in poverty, study says
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Report on MN/WI Small Business Insurance Cost

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:

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Sen. Larson Previews State Senate Elections 

Senate Minority Leader, Chris Larson joins us to preview contested state senate elections this November. We also get Sen. Larson's thoughts on the $281 million state budget deficit that may require a budget repair bill and Walker refusing to make any more job promises. Jen Epps-Addison and a striker Mary Coleman join us via phone to update us on Thursday's fast food worker strikes in Wisconsin.


2014 Senate Elections in Wisconsin
GOP candidate in SD 19 praises Walker's failed decision to reject federal Medicaid money
Feds set special health care enrollment period for state residents
Citizen Action Praises Fed Decision to Grant Special Enrollment Period for 38,000 Wisconsinites Forced into Coverage Ga
Democratic candidates vow to fight to higher minimum wage
Congresswoman Gwen Moore arrested at fast workers strike in Milwaukee

Striker Mary Coleman apears on latest podcast
Striker Mary Coleman talks with us on latest podcast (photo: Joe Brusky)

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Labor Day


We herald Labor Day weekend with an in-depth discussion of the big jobs debate in the Governor's race. We review the latest shocking developments in the John Doe investigation. Robert analyzes the likely impact of a potential Supreme Court decision that some fear could take away tax subsidies to purchase health coverage from 5 million Americans. Also, Jen updates us on Milwaukee community events in support of victims of police violence in Ferguson and Milwaukee.


Could expanded John Doe legal theory undercut decision to halt probe
The Scott Walker documents: 6 must-read passages
Is Walker Guilty — Or the Law Meaningless?

MJS Editorial: A meaningless jobs debate between Gov. Scott Walker and Mary Burke
WEDC board OK'd Ashley Furniture getting $6 million tax credit, cutting 1,900 jobs. On Politics: Ashley Furniture owners gave $20,000 to Scott Walker shortly after WEDC vote:
Wisconsin shows how job incentives are handed out -- in Bizarro world.
Scott Walker says Wisconsin's in third place. Mary Burke says it's last in the Midwest. Who's right?
LA Times: Could a wording 'glitch' doom Obama's healthcare law?:
Affordable Care Act drafting error could strip healthcare subsidy from thousands in Wisconsin,
Journal Times editorial: Advisory referendums give voice to public opinion
Douglas County poses questions to voters
Are you one of the 2,395,469 who can vote on Minimum wage Referendum?

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Walker's Alternate Medicaid Universe

After a moment of silence for the on-going events in Ferguson, we discuss the new TV ad in the Gubernatorial election exposing Gov. Walker's failed jobs agency, WEDC. We also review new state data showing Gov. Walker's plan to reject federal Medicaid money will cost the state over 70% more money than expected and discuss Walker's ridiculous responses to the data.



SUPPORT the BadgerCare Referendums







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What HAPPened in the Primary Elections

We welcome Nicole Safar from Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI to review the Primary election results, featuring: the wacky right wing GOP 6th Congressional District race, what HAPPened in the Democratic Attorney General race and a review of legislative primaries, and Milwaukee County's surreal Sheriffs race.  We also discuss Judge Lynn Adelman denying A.G. Van Hollen's request for a hold on his decision striking down Wisconsin's voter ID law and the latest count of municipalities with BadgerCare and minimum wage referendums on the November ballot.


Read Judge Adelman's Voter ID decision
MJS: Federal judge refuses to put ruling halting voter ID on hold
6th Congregational District race still up in air as Grothman leads Leibham by 214 votes
Democrat Happ wins attorney general primary
WSJ: Likely recounts following tight primary races
Spreitzer on his way to legislature
BadgerCare and Minimum Wage Referendums will be on the November ballot throughout Wisconsin

Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:


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"Primary Election" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss next week's Primary Election on Tuesday, August 12th and who Citizen Action of Wisconsin has endorsed in competitive state legislative primaries. We also welcome Citizen Action's Anita Johnson, a voting rights organizer, to discuss what voters need to know before voting in the Primary Election.


primary election


Citizen Action of Wisconsin in the news:




"Outsourced" Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome One Wisconsin Now's Scott Ross to discuss the latest WEDC outsourcing revelations and the hypocrisy of Scott Walker's flip flop on the issue. We also talk about this week's State Supreme Court rulings and US AG Holder's filing in federal voting rights case, BadgerCare Referendum updates, and the recent National Labor Relations Board ruling against McDonald's. 



Fox TV 6 Outrage over outsourcing: Has Walker’s job creation agency given money to companies that outsource jobs?
One WI Now: Latest Finance Report Shows Walker Took Another $167,000 from Businesses That Got WEDC Funds
MJS Editorial: Despite campaign politics, Gov. Scott Walker should support Trek
Beloit Daily News Editorial:
Scott Walker should be thankful for Trek
Attorney General Holder Announces Justice Department Filings in Voting Rights Cases in Wisconsin and Ohio.
Bayfield Becomes 9th County to Announce November Referendum on BadgerCare
McDonald's ruling ignites business-labor firestorm


Dead Heat

We discuss the latest Marquette poll showing Mary Burke and Scott Walker are in a virtual tie. We evaluate the big blow up over Gov. Walker's campaign attacks on Trek Bicycle, and what it means for the race. Nicole Safar from Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI joins us to talk about Gov. Walker's shocking decision to stop enforcing Wisconsin’s birth control coverage equity law, which ensures birth control coverage at parity with other prescription drugs. In addition, we talk about two contradictory federal appeals courts rulings on the Affordable Care Act subsidies to health consumers, Paul Ryan's new poverty plan, and the minimum wage. Finally we weigh in on the the wacky 6th Congressional District GOP primary, where all the candidates support nutty ideas right-wing fantasies such as the impeachment of President Obama.


Dead HeatLinks:

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