Brown County Conservative Attempts to Deny Opportunity For Health Care to Thousands of Uninsured

Shameful resolution attempts to deny assistance to consumers, mirrors goals of state and national conservative agenda.

As reported in the Green Bay Press Gazette, a local right-wing politician is proposing a resolution preventing the county, and its employees, from assisting Brown County residents in accessing health care made available through the Affordable Care Act. The state budget provides funds to counties to assist moving residents on BadgerCare or HIRSP into the new healthcare marketplace starting on Oct 1st. The scheme by Brown County Supervisor Brad Hopp (pictured left) would prevent County Health and Human Services staff from helping county residents access this critically needed health care.

This shameful attack on the uninsured mirrors equally short-sighted attempts by conservative politicians at the state and national level to block the Affordable Care Act at every turn. We strongly oppose this effort by Brown County conservatives who have a similar political axe to grind with the new law.

With over 17,000 uninsured citizens in Brown County, and over 4,100 BadgerCare recipients in Brown County about to be forced off of BadgerCare, this reckless political stunt to restrict assistance to local residents who need help accessing affordable health care is wrong and should be opposed by the County Board.

While this stunt may appeal to Tea Party zealots, it’s terrible for the health of Brown County residents.

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