Citizen Action Calls for Renewal of Unemployment Protections, Highlights Impact in Each County.

Research shows jobless citizens in every county impacted, removing $361 million from local economies.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin calls on conservative leaders nationally to end obstruction and renew federal unemployment protections for 99,000 jobless Wisconsinites. On December 28th, Emergency Unemployment Compensation will end for 1.3 million Americans, and according to research compiled by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, 99,000 Wisconsinites. These cuts will cause a loss of $361 million to Wisconsin citizens and our local economies.

“Hard working Wisconsinites struggling to find jobs under very challenging circumstances did not crash the American economy, greed on Wall Street did,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.  “It is deeply immoral to blame workers for damage done by the big banks and other financial speculators.  It is just plain wrong to pull the rug out from hard working Wisconsin families at a time of widespread long term unemployment.  Cutting emergency unemployment protections will also do unnecessary damage to an already fragile economic recovery”

Federal Legislators must re-authorize emergency unemployment protections for the tens of thousands of Wisconsinites who are stuck in a broken economy that has failed to provide jobs to all those willing to work.

Source: Wisconsin Council on Children and Families

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