Citizen Action Hosts Round Table Discussions With Russ Feingold on Trade Deals and Outsourcing

This morning in Green Bay, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and the Green Bay Labor Council hosted a round table discussion with Russ Feingold on the future of trade policy, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and other policies that facilitate the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs. Later in the afternoon in Milwaukee, Russ Feingold met with Milwaukee area residents impacted by outsourcing. The Milwaukee event was held on site at Century City/Tower Automotive, the former home to over 10,000 family-supporting jobs.

In Green Bay, Feingold was met by Rep. Eric Genrich while Rep. David Bowen and Daniel Riemer attended the event at Century City in Milwaukee.  Rep. Genrich discussed efforts in the legislature to end WEDC's continued support for outsourcers. Rep. Bowen discussed how critical it is to restore good jobs to the Century City site hosting the event and the role trade policy plays in turning around Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities.

When U.S. Senator Ron Johnson launched his re-election campaign from a factory in Oshkosh by touting his manufacturing credentials, he remained silent on the biggest threat to Wisconsin’s remaining manufacturing jobs: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Sen. Johnson previously supported fast-track authority for the TPP, and has taken a number of other votes that side with the CEOs of multinational corporations over Wisconsin workers.

At today's events in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Feingold discussed how to reverse public policies which encourage outsourcing, and how to expand economic opportunity in Wisconsin.

“We need Senators who will fight to end the economic treason against working families, and begin to build an economy that expands opportunity for everyone in America,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “The public is also increasingly realizing that if the economy can be rigged against workers, it can also be re-rigged in our favor through policies that expand economic opportunity in places like Green Bay, Milwaukee, Racine, West Allis and many other Wisconsin cities.”

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