Citizen Action News Week of September 18th - 23rd, 2016

We are going to start providing a weekly updates of public activities and other major news. On this first edition we will go back a couple weeks to make sure you are caught up on major news since Labor Day. 

You can also keep up on breaking news on a daily or hourly basis on the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Facebook page.

Last Week

On Thursday (September 22) Citizen Action continued its “Outsourced Wisconsin” tour which is shining a light on corporations which took public money from Governor Walker’s ‘s scandal plagued jobs agency and outsourced more jobs than they created. The tour stopped in Neenah at the Plexus Corporation and in Wausau at Kohl’s. In both cities members turned out. Here is a link to the press release on the events. Listen to Citizen Action’s Executive Director Robert Kraig discuss the outsourcing tour on WFDL Radio.

On Wednesday (September 21) Citizen Action responded strongly to the Wisconsin Attorney General’s decision to join a lawsuit to overturn the Obama Administration's overtime rule. The rule would mean a pay raise of about $9,000 a year for nearly 200,000 Wisconsin workers. This important issue, including the local impact for every Wisconsin metro area, is explained in the Citizen Action press release here. Also, Citizen Action’s Executive Director Robert Kraig disussed the issue on the Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Ideas Network Monday morning.

On the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Battleground Wisconsin Podcast this week (posted Friday September 23) we lead with more fallout from the John Doe document dump. With special guest Matthew Rothschild IRS complaints filed this week against the right-wing organization used by Scott Walker to shred our campaign finance laws during the recall elections. The podcast also looks at the CAFO controversy in Dunn County with Western Wisconsin Co-Op Organizer Jeff Smith) and the attack on the overtime rule. Listen to the podcast here

On Monday (September 19) Citizen Action Milwaukee Organizing Cooperative joined coalition partners an action against payday lenders in Waukesha.

On Tuesday (September 20) Citizen Action Western Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative played a leading role in a public hearing on a a large proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in rural Dunn County. A CAFO of that size would produce approximately 71,500,000 gallons of manure per year, as much as waste as the City of Green Bay, but with no sewage treatment plant to protect the water. Over 200 concerned citizens, including a large number of Citizen Action Organizing Co-op members, turned out for the hearing.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s election program is now in full swing. Our non partisan voter engagement program in Milwaukee’s Latino and African American communities completed its 6th full week of canvassing. 

In addition, all-volunteer persuasion canvasses was launched Saturday (September 23) in Milwaukee and Eau Claire. For more information and to volunteer contact Deputy Director Matt Brusky

On his weekly interview on the Jeff Santos radio show (Tuesday September 20), Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig discussed the national election, and the need for Democrats to run on bold progressive issues. Listen here

Citizen Action News back to Labor Day

On Thursday (Sept 15) Senator Ron Johnson held a hearing at the Capitol to blame  ObamaCare for rising premiums and for big insurance companies pulling out. The lead witness was Governor Scott Walker’s Deputy Insurance Commissioner. Citizen Action of Wisconsin put out a preemptive press release debunking Johnson’s claims, placing the blame for high insurance rates on politicians like Walker and Johnson who are sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. Wisconsin Public Radio covered the hearing and Citizen Action’s response here.

On the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Battleground Wisconsin Podcast this week (posted Friday September 16), the panel digs into the big new leak of John Doe documents which further implicate Scott Walker in a pay to play scheme, and show he sold out kids poisoned by lead paint for political cash.

Citizen Action’s Executive Director Robert Kraig had an interview Monday with Madison talk show host Sly on outsourcing and the Walker economy. He also had his regular 60 minute interview with national talk show host Jeff Santos (Tuesday September 13).

The Citizen Action Milwaukee Organizing Co-op launched it 60 day drive (Tuesday September 13)  to add a second organizer at a kickoff event at Brenner Brewery. The event drew 75 people and was very high energy. The project, which is called Radio-Active, will add a second organizer to run a project designed to break right wing radio monopoly. More information on the project here. Citizen Action Latino project, “Acción Ciudadana” also launched its new 60 day membership drive this week (Thursday, September 15), with a successful event. More information here.

On September 8 Citizen Action of Wisconsin launched its “Outsourced Wisconsin” tour in Milwaukee. The tour, which will come to Eau Claire, Green Bay, and other locations across Wisconsin in coming weeks, is showcasing corporations who took public job creation money and then outsourced jobs. Citizen Action is working to make outsourcing a leading electoral issue. The first stop on the tour was covered by Milwaukee television and nationally by the Campaign for America’s Future.

Also around Labor Day, Citizen Action put out a series of press releases on the number of jobs outsourced in the Walker-Johnson era, the decline in manufacturing wages under Walker, the efforts of State Senate Republicans to help the drug corporation that is price gouging for EpiPens, and more information on WEDC’s false job creation claims, and how they show the bankruptcy of Scott Walker’s economic policies.

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