Citizen Action Weekly Update October 14, 2016

It was another an eventful week here at Citizen Action of Wisconsin. 

Northeast Wisconsin Organizing Co-op Drive Launched

At an event in Green Bay on Tuesday (October 11) local progressives launched a 60 day drive to create a Citizen Action Organizing Co-op in
Northeast Wisconsin. If successful, this will create a powerful new force in the critical swing part of Wisconsin. The event was attended by two progressive champions from the State Legislature, 

Sen. Dave Hansen and Rep. Eric Gernrich. A second kick off event will be held Thursday (October 20) in Appleton (6 PM at the Appleton Public Library). To get involved contact Citizen Action organizer Rebecca Derrene

Photo ID on Trail

In wake of the scandal over Scott Walker’s DMV attorneys for Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund and One Wisconsin Institute appeared in federal court on Wednesday (October 12) seeking to block enforcement of the Photo ID law. On Thursday (October 13) Federal Judge James D. Peterson ordered the Walker Administration to take immediate action to remedy clear voting rights violations in the implementation of the Photo ID requirement. This includes helping people seeking voting credentials navigate the complicated process and undertaking a major public education campaign. You can read Citizen Action’s press statement here, read press coverage here, and read Judge Peterson’s full decision here.

Citizen Action Responds to Attacks by Hate Radio Host Charlie Sykes

When we posted a blog last week,Suddenly the Smoke Clears Around Charlie Sykes, we did not expect it to spark a hail of childish (dare we say Trump-like) insults from the king of Wisconsin right-wing radio. Read more about Sykes’s attacks and the Citizen Action response here. You can also listen to a discussion of the controversy on the Devil’s Advocates radio show here. To get involved in Radio-Active, Citizen Action’s right-wing radio accountability campaign click here.



Citizen Action Debunks Attacks on ObamaCare

This week Citizen Action responded in the media to the false and misleading claims that rising health insurance costs are caused by the Affordable Care Act. (This false claim is now the subject of the latest attack ad by Sen. Ron Johnson on Russ Feingold). Citizen Action research demonstrates that rising health insurance premiums are not being driven by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but by the reemergence of health insurance industry discrimination and price gouging by pharmaceutical corporations and medical service providers. You can read Citizen Action’s full statement here. You can also listen to Executive Director Robert Kraig discuss the issue on the Mitch Henck Show here (at 9:45 AM on podcast).

Battleground Wisconsin Podcast: Trumped

This week’s Citizen Action podcast focuses on the bizarre week in American and Wisconsin politics brought out by the unfolding Trump sexual harassment scandals. We also look at the health insurance rate flap, Paul Ryan’s waffling on Trump, Charlie Sykes’s attacks on Citizen Action, and the Photo ID lawsuit. Listen to the podcast here.

Citizen Action’s Voter Engagement Program Reaching Drop-Off Voters

Citizen Action’s non-partisan voter engagement program is focused on drop-off voters in Milwaukee and Kenosha. So far it has knocked 36,748 door and collected 3,700 pledges to vote. The target universe is drop-off African American, Latino, and white voters. All contacts will receive follow up by mail and phone and will be offered a ride to the polls. This program is being tested scientifically with a control group so that we will be able to access its effectiveness and develop the program for future elections.

Facebook Post of the Week

Citizen Action’s tour of outsourcing companies that are taking corporate welfare from Scott Walker jobs agency continues to be hot on social media. The most popular post of the week was on the Eaton Corporation. New Corporate outsources are being revealed daily on Citizen Action’s website here.

For frequent updates, you can also keep up on breaking news at the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Facebook main page. Please “like” and follow the page.

Did You Know?

As of this week, Citizen Action of Wisconsin has generated 723 unique newspaper, radio, and television stories in 2016 so far.

Citizen Action on the Radio

Listen to interviews with Executive Director Robert Kraig this week on the Jeff Santos Show (October 11, first and second hour), The Mitch Henck Show (9:45 AM, October 12), and the Devil’s Advocates (October 13).

Factory Farm Organizing

The Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op continues to organize against a huge proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in rural Dunn County which threatens water quality, small family farms and will generate greenhouse gases. Over 65 people turned out for a hearing this Tuesday (October 11).

Volunteer in Citizen Action Election Work Saturday

Citizen Action’s all volunteer deep canvass program is currently operating in South Milwaukee and Eau Claire, and will soon be launched in Wausau. The goal of the canvass is to have deeper conversations with swing voters on economic issues, and then connect these conversations to the Presidential, U.S. Senate, and local state legislative elections. To Volunteer in South Milwaukee this Saturday (October 15) meet at Guy Costello’s House at 9 AM, 1320 Manitowoc, South Milwaukee. (Pizza will be provided after at a nearby restaurant). To volunteer in Eau Claire Saturday (October 15) meet at 10am or 1pm at 714 S Barstow St, Eau Claire. For more information contact Citizen Action Deputy Director Matt Brusky



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