Citizen Action Weekly Update October 7, 2016

It was another an eventful week here at Citizen Action. Here is this week’s Weekly Update

Photo ID Under Fire

Citizen Action’s lawsuit against the Walker Administration on voting rights has another chance to block the implementation of photo ID in November. Citizen Action and One Wisconsin Institute are the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit. In the wake of the scandal over DMV employees giving potential voters false information uncovered by our partners Vote Riders, our attorneys filed a motion on Tuesday (October 4) to enjoin the photo ID law. There will be a hearing in federal court next Wednesday (October 12) which could block enforcement of photo ID or force the Walker Administration to dramatically reform its procedures for providing temporary voting credentials. In the meantime, Citizen Action continues it large scale program to make sure every voter has what they need to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Charley Sykes Controversy

Citizen Action Milwaukee Organizing Co-ops Radio-Active campaign had a big week shaping media coverage of the surprise announcement that the most prominent right-wing talk show host in Wisconsin, Charlie Sykes, is leaving the airwaves. Sykes has been making national headlines by claiming to have seen the light about the racism and counterfactualism of conservative talk radio.

The day of the Sykes announcement (Tuesday, October 4) Citizen Action Executive Director Robert Kraig posted a blog casting doubt on his conversion, and reporting rumors in Republican circles that the hate radio host is angling to challenge Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate. The blog post drew strenuous protests and a series of vitriolic attacks from Charlie Sykes on his radio show, and on his website Right Wisconsin. See Wisconsin State Journal coverage.

Citizen Action Milwaukee co-op members and organizers are effectively using the Charlie Sykes controversy to inspire more people to join the Milwaukee Organizing Co-op during the 60 day crowdfunding drive to make the Radio-Active project permanent. For more information on this critical campaign to break the right-wing media monopoly click here. Stay tuned for more public events focused on the future of right-wing hate radio.

Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

This week’s Citizen Action Battleground Wisconsin Podcast looks at the wave of corruption that may engulf Wisconsin after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to take the John Doe case. The panel also digs into the Charlie Sykes scandal, Paul Ryan Watch, the photo ID controversy, and other major news topics of the week. Listen to the podcast here. 

Cutting-Edge Volunteer Canvass Makes Progress

Citizen Action’s all volunteer deep canvass program continued to gain steam. It is currently operating in South Milwaukee and Eau Claire, and will soon be launched in Wausau. Western Wisconsin and Milwaukee Organizing Co-op members who volunteered the first two weeks found it far more enjoyable and effective than traditional canvasses. The goal of the canvass is to have deeper conversations with swing voters on economic issues, and then connect these conversations to the Presidential, U.S. Senate, and local state legislative elections. To volunteer contact Citizen Action Deputy Director Matt Brusky

Dynamic Outsourcing Map

Citizen Action is launching a new dynamic map that will each day reveal another corporation that has outsourced jobs, and the elected officials who have aided and abetted their economic treason against Wisconsin workers. The dynamic mapping project is being led by Citizen Action Organizing Director Kevin Kane, and was released to members on a webinar Thursday night (October 6). See the interactive map here and check back often for new corporate outsourcers. The map will be a tool that will be used during Citizen Action’s on-going outsourcing tour.

Western Wisconsin Events Promote Expansion of Family Medical Leave

The Citizen Action Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op led an event to promote expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act in Eau Claire, and assisted Citizen Action leaders in putting together a second event in Wausau (Tuesday, October 4). Citizen Action is working on the vital issue of making modern work family friendly with our close partners 9 to 5.

Latino Vote

Citizen Action Organizer Luz Sosa participated in a press conference Tuesday (October 4) to discuss the importance of the Latino vote.  See coverage of Fox 6 TV here.

Citizen Action on the Radio

Executive Director Robert Kraig was on the radio a number of times this week. Not every show has a podcast, but you can listen to Robert’s interview with Sly (Monday October 4) on the rigged health care system and Ron Johnson, on the Leslie Marshall Show talking about U.S. Supreme Court refusal to take up the John Doe Case (half way into podcast); and on the Jeff Santos show (Wednesday October 5) on the Vice Presidential debate.

Facebook Post of the Week

The most popular Citizen Action Facebook post of the week was on the new revelations of Walker Administration malfeasance on photo ID and voting rights.

For frequent updates, you can also keep up on breaking news at the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Facebook main page. Please “like” and follow the page.

Citizen Action Member Blog

Citizen Action member and retired journalist Bill Kaplan posted a blog on the fake populism of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Congressman Sean Duffy on the Well Fargo Bank scandal. Read the blog here.

Resources & Events

Progress Centered Communication is Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s new strategy to create powerful progressive messages which we can use to win bold policies to dramatically expand opportunity and freedom in Wisconsin. For more information or to schedule a training click here.

If you live in the Milwaukee area mark your calendar for the 8th Annual Citizen Action Brewfest, November 17th. Additional information here.



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