Citizen Action Weekly Update September 30, 2016

It was an eventful week for Citizen Action. Here are the top lines.

At news conferences in Appleton, Wausau, Milwaukee, and Madison on Thursday (September 29), Citizen Action announced there will be new $0 deductible health plans offered under the Affordable Care Act next year. Deductibles jumped 40% this year in Wisconsin, yet the Walker Administration has refused to take any meaningful steps to address high medical prices. To fill the gap, Citizen Action organizing co-op members state legislators took matters into their own hands by directly lobbying Wisconsin health insurance companies to adopt the new Federal plans designed to combat high deductibles. 

The savings generated because of the introduction of these new plans are dramatic. The average health consumer purchasing insurance on the Affordable Care Act marketplace stands to save $1,462 Rx deductibles and $3,482 on other high value medical services. Overall Citizen Action of Wisconsin estimates the new plans will save Wisconsin health consumers over $209 million per year in lower deductibles. Read the press release here, and see coverage in the Capital Times, TV 9 in Wausau interview with Citizen Action's Kevin Kane, and WHBY Radio in Appleton. You can watch the entire Capitol press conference here. You can also listen to Executive Director Robert Kraig discuss the issue on the Mitch Henck Show here.


On the Joy Cardin Show (Monday September 26) on Wisconsin Public Radio Citizen Action’s Executive Director Robert Kraig debated the WMC on the Obama federal overtime rule. The modernized rule would be long overdue pay raise for moderate income workers, and a boon for the Wisconsin economy. Listen to a podcast of the interview here.

Citizen Action released new information to the media (Tuesday, Sept. 28) showing how the Walker Administration is rigging of the health insurance system to raise rates. We showed that by separating healthy people into substandard “lemon” health plans, they have both raised rates for people buying insurance on the and exposed families to dangerously skimpy health plans. This is a new form of pre-existing condition discrimination which only benefits the health insurance corporations. Read more here.

Executive Director Robert Kraig authored a blog responding to the Plexus Corporation, one of the companies we are targeting in the Outsourced Wisconsin tour. The response to the media from the Plexus PR department inadvertently reveals the bankruptcy of Scott Walker economic policy and his troubled jobs agency, WEDC. Read the blog here.

Citizen Action’s all volunteer deep canvass program kicked off in South Milwaukee and Eau Claire on Saturday (September 24). Western Wisconsin and Milwaukee Organizing Co-op members who volunteered found it far more effective than a traditional canvass. The goal of the canvass is to have deeper conversations with swing voters on economic issues, and then connect these conversations to the Presidential, U.S. Senate, and local state legislative elections. A third deep canvass will launch in Wausau in early October. Canvassers will take place every Saturday in October. To volunteer contact Citizen Action Deputy Director Matt Brusky

The Citizen Action Milwaukee Co-op’s Radio-active campaign to end the right-wing radio monopoly got a plus on Sly’s popular radio show on Thursday (September 29, 2016). To find out how to get involved in the campaign click here.

Citizen Action Milwaukee Co-op members protested Donald’s Trump before his Waukesha rally Wednesday (September 28). They focused on Trump’s outsourcing of jobs in all of his branded products.

Finally, Executive Director Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos show for 1 hour on Tuesday (Sept 27) to review the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Listen to the podcast here.

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Progress Centered Communication is Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s new strategy to create powerful progressive messages which we can use to win bold policies to dramatically expand opportunity and freedom in Wisconsin. For more information or to schedule a training click here.

If you live in the Milwaukee area mark your calendar for the 8th Annual Citizen Action Brewfest, November 17th. Additional information here. 

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