Citizen Action & Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Call for Gov. Walker to Resign as Chairman of WEDC Due to Conflicts of Interest

In light of scandals and conflicts of interest, good government advocates call for emergency actions to safeguard job creation dollars.

Today at the State Capitol, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign held a media conference urging the immediate resignation of Gov. Walker as Chairman of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to address the serious conflicts of interest in governance. The call for this emergency action is necessary to insulate public job creation dollars from political influence.

At a time when hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin workers are in search of greater economic opportunity, the state’s scarce job creation dollars are a precious public resource.

Good government advocates made the case that the flawed structure of WEDC creates an unacceptable risk of legalized bribery. The high stakes election this fall, and the massive amounts of money being raised and spent, elevate this risk.

"The conflict of interest between raising millions of dollars in campaign donations and presiding over an agency that benefits those contributors is completely intolerable," said Robert Kraig, Executive director of Citizen action of Wisconsin. "The only way to insulate Wisconsin's economic development decisions from the political considerations that are natural during big money elections is for Gov. Walker to resign as chair of WEDC."

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