City of Racine for BadgerCare

Ald. Krystina Sarrazin introduced a resolution to the Racine City Council calling on the state to accept the federal funds for BadgerCare.


Wednesday night, the Racine City Council passed a resolution by an over 3-1 margin to call on the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor to accept the federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare. The City of Racine continues in a long string of organizations and local governments that are speaking out in favor of Wisconsin changing its mind and accepting billions in federal funds to ensure that tens of thousands of citizens are not demand BadgerCare.

This effort was spearheaded by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Communities 4 Change and Racine Interfaith Coalition. Together, the "Fast 4 Fairness" campaign has led numerous rally's, media events, public fasts and enrollment opportunities to promote health coverage. The coalition presented over hundreds of petition signatures by local residents to the City Council in favor of accepting the federal funds.

Under the Affordable Care Act, federal funds have been allocated to cover over 160,000 Wisconsinites who have fallen through the holes in BadgerCare, many of whom were on the waiting list. Because of Governor Walker's rejection of this federal funding, tens of thousands will be denied and others forced off of BadgerCare. These federal funds can be accepted at any time, and more and more states across the political spectrum are opting to change their opposition and accept the federal funds for BadgerCare!

Add your name to the petition: say yes to BadgerCare!

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