Clark County Becomes the 14th County to Pass Medicaid Resolution

Last night, Clark county became the 14th county in Wisconsin to vote on a resolution calling for the state to accept the federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare. They also joined the chorus of county leaders calling for a third option, to allow counties access to the federal funds that Walker rejected. This experience has been exemplified by Cuyahoga county in Ohio, a county that has been granted the ability by the federal government to accept federal Medicaid funds that their state refused. This could only be accomplished, however, because the state of Ohio did not try to prevent this.

14 counties have voted for resolutions calling for the state to change its mind and accept these federal Medicaid funds. The reasoning is persuasive: every county has individuals who would be kicked off or denied access to BadgerCare, and these federal funds would flow into our local economies and our medical centers.

Well over 240 Wisconsin organizations from across the political spectrum have called for the state to change its mind and accept these federal funds, a move that they could make at any time!

The 14 counties: Clark, Eau Claire, Dunn, La Crosse, Richland, Marathon, Oneida, Lincoln, Winnebago, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Dane, Jefferson, and Iowa.

Are you interested in your county joining this list? Here is a draft resolution for your county to consider!


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