"Consumer, Faith, Doctor, Hospital, Business, Budget and Disability Organizations and More Have All Supported Accepting Federal Medicaid Funds"

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  • Organizations from across the state have called on Governor Walker to accept the federal funds for BadgerCare. Over 200 organizations were documented in 2013 as being in favor. Click here for the list


  • Local governments and governmental organizations, such as the Wisconsin Counties Association called for saying YES to BadgerCare


  • Health Professionals such as the Nurses Association, Medical Society and Association of Social Workers have said YES to BadgerCare


  • Organizations for people with disabilities, such as Disability Rights Wisconsin, Coalition of Independent Living Centers and more say YES to BadgerCare


  • Hospitals systems such as Aurora Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, UWHealth and more say YES to BadgerCare


  • Faith organizations such as the Catholic Conference, the Council of Churches, Jewish Conference and Lutheran Office for Public Policy say YES to BadgerCare

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