County Leaders Propose Granting Federal Medicaid Funds to WI Counties, Cite Ohio Model

On 48th anniversary of the start of Medicaid, county leaders point to alternative means of covering citizens


On a media call at 10:30 AM Tuesday, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and county leaders from around Wisconsin will release a letter signed by county leaders from 20 counties calling on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) to follow the example of Ohio, and serve as a pass through for enhanced federal Medicaid funds for counties that want the extra funds. DHS is currently accepting public comment for a “demonstration project” waiver request to change BadgerCare as part of the state budget, which temporarily rejected federal Medicaid funds which would have strengthened BadgerCare.


Pointing to a “demonstration project” waiver in Ohio’s Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) to funnel enhanced federal Medicaid funds to the county level which was approved this spring, Wisconsin county leaders request in the letter a similar policy in Wisconsin. Like Wisconsin, Ohio is currently rejecting the enhanced federal Medicaid dollars statewide.


County leaders will explain why these available federal funds to guarantee coverage for low income residents are necessary. 13 county boards have passed resolutions calling for Wisconsin to either accept the enhanced federal Medicaid funds or agree to seek a demonstration project that would allow the funds to be passed through to counties.


What: Media call on Wisconsin County request for Enhanced BadgerCare Dollars

When: Tuesday July 30th, 10:30 AM   

Who: Robert Kraig, executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin; Supervisor Melissa Sargent, Dane County, Health & Human Needs Committee Chair; Supervisor Monica Kruse, La Crosse County, Health and Human Services Board Chair; Supervisor Dan Robinson, Brown County. Human Services Committee Vice-chair: Supervisor Gerald Wilkie, Eau Claire County, City-County Board of Health


Phone Number: 213-416-1560          Access Code: 276-035-744



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