Don't Cut UW, Accept Funds for BadgerCare Instead!

The Governor's latest proposed budget includes a $300 million cut to the University of Wisconsin (UW) System, the largest cut in history. A cut that threatens future college affordability, state competitiveness and a road for many into the middle class.

If Wisconsin accepts available federal funds for BadgerCare to provide more affordable healthcare we would in the process, researchers estimate, save $345 million in this upcoming state budget. More than cutting UW!

ADD YOUR NAME: Don't cut the UW System when accepting the federal funds for BadgerCare will create the same savings!

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    Quality education is important to improving our labor force
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    ADD YOUR NAME: We can prevent the cuts to UW if the Legislature says YES to #BadgerCare!
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    ADD YOUR NAME: We can prevent the cuts to UW if the Legislature says YES to #BadgerCare!
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    ADD YOUR NAME: We can prevent the cuts to UW if the Legislature says YES to #BadgerCare!
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    Education is the most important part of building a great society…we need to stop letting the rest of the world beat us in this area just because Republicans hate education for their own reasons (apparently because the uneducated work cheaper and all THEY care about is the bottom line for the wealthy). :(
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    Every Wisconsin student who chooses to do so should have the right to attend a great Wisconsin University. We have a great University System, and the State Legislature should strengthen it, not attack it. An educated citizenry is the backbone of a democracy.
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    The education and research that is done in the UW system is in jeopardy. The cuts to the UW System budget made by our poorly educated and mostly absent Gov. will result in the loss of tip-top staff. Millions of dollars in grant monies going to the research scientists will be gone as these researchers leave. This is the worst and most irresponsible budget decision in the history of Wisconsin. It’s going to negatively and economically affect the citizens of Wisconsin for years to come.
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    Because it is a great institution that serves the state well. The money invested in the university returns in benefits to the state many times over.
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    People around the country identify positively with the University of Wisconsin. The UW system is an academic leader and one of the driving forces for Wisconsin’s economy, education and environment. The UW system represents excellence. We can’t afford to lose this great institution.
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    Education should be a right, our future depends on it! When people can’t afford to go to college, and when the quality of our education is suffering, we are hurting our own economy. Education needs to be a priority!
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    The Gov. needs to stop cutting back on education and aid to the poor & Vets. Cut tax breaks to the top 1% if cuts are needed !!!!!!!!
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    The UW system is one of the finest in the country. It gives the students of our state the opportunity to gain further education to move into the middle class. The state school system usually is the most affordable to a student, but when mass cuts are made, grants are cut, subsidies to the school are cut and costs to attend school skyrocket, leaving many potential students out of the grasp of further education,
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    The UW system leads in cutting edge research
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    Wisconsin has always been at the frontier of the future. We have been the nation’s breadbasket, its workshop, and the laboratory of its democracy. As a history major, I know the University of Wisconsin has produced many of the most respected, most influential scholars in my field. Yet we also have the potential, as a geographical cul de sac, of becoming irrelevant. This governor has denied us the opportunity to develop twenty first century infrastructure that could keep us connected with the rest of the world. Now he is trying to turn our greatest intellectual resource, one of the very most important universities in the world, into a mediocre backwater and turn our once great state into a national embarrassment. We will lose our ability to attract creative, forward-thinking people to Wisconsin, and our most promising young people will lose any interest in staying here among those of us whose taxes financed their schooling for all these years.