Door County and Medicaid

Check out this opinion piece in the Door County Daily News titled "Health Care Insurance Opportunity For Door County"

Wisconsin’s decision means that, on January 1, 2014, both a single individual working more than 30 hours per week at $7.25/hr and a single mother with two children, working for $10/hr ($20,800/yr) will be dropped from BadgerCare. The insurance premium for the single mom will rise to $460/yr on average. Her co-pays and deductibles could reach $2,250/yr

Because of this impact on the low-income adults and families in their communities, as of August 26, 2013, thirty Wisconsin counties had asked the state to waive their participation in Wisconsin’s Medicaid (MA) demonstration project (BadgerCare) and to be allowed to submit their own request to the federal government. This approach was successful in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Door County should examine this strategy immediately. A large drop in Door County’s uninsured population would save lives by enabling early access to health care and reduce reliance on emergency rooms for primary health care

Door County was not one of the counties that had a member of their board join the letter of 30 county representatives from 30 county boards calling on the state to allow them to access federal Medicaid funds that the Governor rejected. We salute this interest from yet another county as more and more people realized that not only is the fight for Medicaid/BadgerCare far from over, but there is the chance that counties could show the Walker administration that their may be a third option to accept these federal funds and guarantee our citizens needed healthcare!

On January 1, 2014, at least 1,372 of our (Door County) neighbors and friends will lose access to health care when BadgerCare drops 643 people and 729 people lose their eligibility.

Thank you for reminding everyone why this issue matters, why me must keep pushing for Wisconsin to accept these federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare!

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