Douglas Becomes 18th County to Approve BadgerCare Referendum

By Unanimous Vote Douglas County joins 17 others in placing advisory referendum on Nov. 4 ballot

Last night by a unanimous vote the Douglas County Board approved placing an advisory referendums on the November 4th ballot asking voters whether the State of Wisconsin should accept enhanced available federal funds for BadgerCare rejected by Walker and conservatives in the Legislature.

So far 19 very diverse Wisconsin localities have placed similar referendums on the November ballot, Douglas, Florence, Rock, Chippewa, Jefferson, St Croix, Bayfield, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Dunn, Lincoln, Clark, Outagamie, Dane, Milwaukee, Oneida, Portage, and Wood Counties, and the City of Kenosha.

New state data released this week reveals the the negative impact of rejecting these federal funds, $561 million in the current and the next state budget. The repercussions of the rejection is particularly devastating at the local level. With fewer people guaranteed access to health coverage they can truly afford, uncompensated care costs are higher in local hospitals and county-supported clinics, forcing cost-shifting. A report from Citizen Action of Wisconsin found that private insurance rates are needless higher than other states because of the rejection of Medicaid dollars for BadgerCare.

The recent news revealing that as many as 38,000 of those forced off BadgerCare were unable to enroll in Marketplace plans, falling into a coverage gap, provides additional evidence that rejecting federal dollars is dangerous public policy.

If Wisconsin were to accept enhanced federal Medicaid funds for BadgerCare, 87,000 Wisconsin residents would gain access to BadgerCare. See a county by county breakdown here.

Support the BadgerCare Referendums!

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