Eau Claire Leaders Urge Sen. Moulton to Reject Plan to Strip Local Government Control

Eau Claire County officials call on Senator Moulton to reject a bill that restricts local governments from establishing “living wages” for contracted public services

On Tuesday morning Citizen Action of Wisconsin will join Eau Claire elected officials including County Supervisor Colleen Bates, County Supervisor Jim Dunning, County Supervisor Nick Smiar, and City Council Member Andrew Werthman will hold a media event to call on Senator Moulton to reject a bill that passed the Assembly last week and is now in the Senate. This bill would prevent counties and municipalities from establishing wage standards for local public employees and contracted workers. Wage standards not only expand opportunity for local residents, they also improve the quality of local services by reducing turnover and retaining the best workers.

This restriction of local control, opposed by the Wisconsin Counties Association, was fast tracked through the Wisconsin Assembly and is now in the Senate where a close vote is expected. Eau Claire officials will call on Senator Moulton to protect the freedom of local governments to decide for themselves the standards for local contracts and local public employees.

What: Media event to call on Senator Moulton to vote against a bill that would restrict local control.
When: Tuesday, Feb 25th 2014, 10:15 AM
Where: Eau Claire County Courthouse, 721 Oxford Avenue, County Boardroom, 1st Floor Courthouse, Room 1277
Who: Colleen Bates, Eau Claire County Board; Jim Dunning, Eau Claire County Board; Nick Smiar, Eau Claire County Board; Andrew Werthmann, Eau Claire City Council & Kevin Kane, Citizen Action of Wisconsin

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