Faces of Healthcare in Wisconsin 2014

Media call tomorrow will share stories of success (Healthcare.gov), failure (BadgerCare cuts) and reveal the breakdown by county of who would benefit from enhanced federal Medicaid funds.

Wisconsin citizens who have successfully enrolled in Healthcare.Gov and citizens who are stuck in Gov. Walker’s BadgerCare coverage gap will join Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Representative Melissa Sargent tomorrow to share their stories on a media call. The call will also reveal previously unreleased data showing, by county, how many citizens would benefit if Gov. Walkers would reverse his decision and accept federal Medicaid funds, how many are currently being denied BadgerCare, and the total federal Medicaid funding each county is losing.

Have you successfully enrolled on Healthcare.gov or are you caught in Gov. Walker’s BadgerCare coverage gap? We want to hear your story. Contact: Kevin.Kane@citizenactionwi.org

State Representative Melissa Sargent’s legislation would allow counties the opportunity to accept federal Medicaid funds that Walker rejected for their citizens if they so choose. The call will reveal the human toll of failing to accept BadgerCare funds, and the opportunity for each county if these funds were accepted.

For more information about joining the call: Kevin.kane@citizenactionwi.org

What: Media call to share citizen enrollment stories, new county data showing number of citizens whose care is delayed, number who could gain coverage, and available federal funds per county.
When: Tuesday, Jan. 7, 11:00 a.m.

  • State Representative Melissa Sargent, Dane County Human Services Board Chair
  • Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin  
  • Wisconsinites who have successfully enrolled in Healthcare.gov
  • Wisconsinites that are prevented from enrolling in BadgerCare because of Gov. Walker’s rejection of federal Medicaid money.

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