Gov. Walker Kicks 80,000 Uninsured in the Teeth

Late last week Gov. Walker gave into intense public pressure and delayed kicking over 77,000 people off BadgerCare for 3 months.
But with Gov. Walker even good news tends to be undermined by very bad news. Shockingly, it turns out Gov. Walker funds his delay in BadgerCare cuts by denying health care coverage to 80,000 of the lowest income Wisconsinites for three months.
You read it right, Gov. Walker actually expects us to believe that the best way to maintain coverage for 77,000 people who he should never have cut from BadgerCare in the first place is to deny health coverage to 80,000 people!
It’s simply wrong to fund health coverage for one group of Wisconsinites by denying it to another. Three months without health insurance is just too big a risk to ask 80,000 of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable citizens to endure.
Gov. Walker’s grossly immoral maneuver is a direct result of his refusal to take enhanced federal BadgerCare dollars provided by the Affordable Care Act.
Now that Walker has begun to give ground on the issue, this is the time to keep the pressure on! The Legislature is scheduled to take up Walker’s immoral maneuver next week. Instead of delaying access to healthcare for 80,000 people Gov. Walker and the legislature should reverse their decision to reject billions in federal money for BadgerCare.

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