Guess which GOP legislator is trying AGAIN to gut open records laws in Wisconsin!

Emails obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy/PRWatch) reveal that an aide to Wisconsin state representative Robin Vos submitted a request to an Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) drafting attorney for a bill that would allow the legislature to gut  the open records law by “joint rule or policy.”

Read more about shocking new efforts to attack open records laws in Wisconsin from the Center for Media and Democracy.



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  • commented 2015-09-12 08:41:15 -0500
    To paraphrase others : ’ An attack on open records is an attack on us all’. Vos and his ilk must be watched 24/7. Very unfortunate that we have to spend our time doing this.
  • commented 2015-09-08 15:10:45 -0500
    I’m tired of having to watch WI government to ensure our rights as citizens. Oh, I forgot. Only corporations are citizens now!!!