The Cost of Your Health Coverage

Now that the first phase of the Affordable Care Act is over, the end of the first year of open enrollment where millions now have guaranteed access to quality health coverage that can never be taken away, we as health advocates turn our attention to further reducing cost of health coverage.

While the ACA has been a federal program, states are now the laboratories of reform. States have many tools to reduce the cost of health coverage, including...

  • Accepting federal funds for BadgerCare to ensure everyone has affordable coverage and reduces uncompensated care.
  • Review rate increases by insurance companies, and block those that are "excessive". ("Rate Review")
  • Directly negotiate with insurance companies to reduce costs. ("Active Purchasing")

States such as Minnesota already do many of these, and their residents already pay far less than us. With your help we will continue to fight to reduce the cost of health coverage; help us by sharing your experiences with health insurance cost.

Tell us about your health costs: premiums, out-of-pocket amounts, limited networks etc. Should your costs be reduced?

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