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Job Description: Latino Community Organizer

Objective: Citizen Action of Wisconsin seeks a dynamic and socially committed person to join our organizing team to help lead a year-round civic engagement project with the objective of engaging Wisconsin Latinos in progressive issue campaigns and increase levels of civic participation. This position is located in Milwaukee, and includes travel in Wisconsin, and occasional out-of-state travel.

Organizational Description: Citizen Action of Wisconsin is a social and economic justice organization founded in 1983 which develops and implements long term strategies to transform the issue climate, make concrete interim advances, and open new possibilities for realizing the full promise of American life.

Citizen Action WI is committed to achieving a Wisconsin which embraces the full agency of our democracy to create the positive conditions necessary for every person to have equal opportunity and the real freedom to pursue the American Dream. By focusing on transformative issues that reveal the dissonance between our nation’s ideals and its economic and social realities, Citizen Action WI believes average people are empowered to see their stake in the public sphere and to fully participate in their democracy.

To achieve this vision, Citizen Action WI works on big picture issue that directly impact the lives of most Americans such as guaranteed access to quality affordable health care, bold action to reshape our economy to reverse economic inequality, and building a more robust form of democracy with deeper civic participation.

Citizen Action WI’s approach integrates grassroots organizing, actionable public policy research, strategic message development, and cutting-edge use of earned and digital media techniques to build a statewide reform constituency and to amplify the public impact of our work.

To lead the implementation and development of this model, Citizen Action WI has assembled a talented interdisciplinary team which brings to our campaigns cutting-edge organizing, communication, policy, and strategic planning capacities. In developing this staff team, we have worked to avoid the over-specialization which damages program alignment in many advocacy organizations. Team members are expected to develop facility in organizing, communications, and policy across multiple issue areas.

Citizen Action WI’s talented team of organizers are experimenting effectively with the latest techniques to augment our grassroots organizing. Our organizing model leverages modern web tools, a robust social media program, and new media tools such as a weekly podcast and viral videos, to broaden our base of leaders and activists. By integrating traditional and modern organizing techniques, our program provides many ladders of participation to empower people to take small initial actions, move from online to offline direct personal engagement, and over time step out into the full public life of their democracy. By deploying this model on major issues that profoundly impact people’s lives, we have built a base of over 38,000 members and activists from every corner of Wisconsin.  

Citizen Action WI’s model builds values-based message framing into a series of interlocking issue organizing campaigns which develop constituencies and shift the public agenda. To address the profound ideological barriers that block public understanding on big issues like the economy and health care, we have developed substantial capacity to create long term strategic communication plans to change the public narrative and shift public values over time.

On economic fairness, Citizen Action WI is using this integrated program model to address the most daunting barrier to achieving economic justice in Wisconsin: the isolation of Milwaukee’s large African American and Latino communities from the far less diverse suburbs and small cities which dot the state. This spatial and experiential separation has produced some of the most shocking racial disparities in America. System change capable of addressing this deeply entrenched system of structural racism requires long term strategic campaigns capable of breaking down these barriers and creating a renewed sense of what is possible when we all pull together.

More information on current Citizen Action of Wisconsin programs can be found at

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Lead Organizer to help implement Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s organizing campaigns in Wisconsin’s Latino community.

  • Directly organize and develop Latino leaders, activists and volunteers to participate in Citizen Action’s campaigns.

  • Help organize coalition relationships with Latino organizations in key areas of the state supporting Citizen Action of WI campaigns.

  • Develop Citizen Action’s story project, which includes developing compelling stories from Wisconsin’s Latinos who are directly impacted by our campaigns.

  • Embrace and effectively utilize new communications technology, working within Citizen Action’s cutting-edge social networking and web technology programs to augment on-the ground organizing activity.

  • Effectively use Citizen Action’s 30,000+ person e-activist database and the voter file to augment on the ground organizing.

  • Coordinate program and logistics for public events, mobilizations and other grassroots activity in Wisconsin’s Latino community

  • Help implement Citizen Action’s voter engagement/election programs that are connected to our on-going organizing campaigns.

  • Work in a focused way to advance strategic goals, and provide timely weekly reporting of organizing progress.

  • Integrate Citizen Action’s values-based communication into all organizing work, and work with staff team on adapting it to Latino audiences.

  • Develop Latino-specific portions of Citizen Action’s website to support organizing work.

  • Develop relationships with Latino-focused media outlets.


  • Philosophical commitment to progressive values, economic justice, and health care freedom, for everyone in America

  • Demonstrated experience in Latino, union, political or faith-based organizing (at least 2 years experience is preferred but not required)

  • Ability to work across diverse communities, to break down barriers and create a common vision for change.

  • Ability to understand complex public policy issues and translate them into compelling organizing issues that motivate average people to act

  • Experience working with a broad array of organizations in a coalition on issues of social and economic justice

  • Experience with and commitment to working on racial justice issues and/or working in Latino community.

  • Good written and verbal bi-lingual communication skills, including ability to produce effective flyers, email alerts, coalition reports, blogs, website material, and effective social media posts

  • Strong creative strategic thinking skills

  • Computer skills including e-mail, composing documents, designing flyers, creating website sections and blogs, working with databases, and social networking (Familiarity with NationBuilder, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, as well as managing Facebook pages and/or Twitter accounts)

  • Experience with online list-building and voter files a plus

  • Ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining effective relationships

  • Excellent listening, interpersonal and problem solving skills

  • Strong personal time management skills, organization skills, and the ability to work under pressure.

Salary and Benefits:  This is a full-time position which includes health care, dental and vision, employer-matched 401K, life insurance, disability insurance, cell phone allowance, and other benefits.  Some weekend and evening hours required.  Compensation is based upon experience and demonstrated organizing skills.  This is a union position, represented by OPEIU Local 9, AFL-CIO.

Application Process:  E-mail cover letter and résumé to Matt Brusky, Deputy Director

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or veteran status

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