How Government Should Help

Milwaukee County Bus informing public about health options

There are really two different ways to respond to the historic improvement to health care that is the Affordable Care Act: you can either roll up your sleeves and help constituents get affordable healthcare, or you could work as hard as possible to prevent that. Both approaches you can find in Wisconsin.

Walker has worked as hard as he can to prevent the Affordable Care Act's launch in Wisconsin. He joined in on the lawsuit to the law at the Supreme Court, he rejected federal funds for BadgerCare, he rejected creating a Wisconsin-marketplace, released unverifiable alleged rate increases to attack the law, and required those who want to help enroll to pay a series of additional state fees. Just to name a bit. Oh and Walker has been out front calling for full repeal of the law.

And then there's the counties. The local county governments have been doing whatever possible to help their citizens access the law. These leaders are not spiteful enough to try to hurt their own constituents (well, most of them aren't). Instead they have sought out ways to help their citizens access needed quality healthcare.

When Milwaukee county realized that it would be left to ensure residents that should've been covered by BadgerCare, Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and County Executive Chris Abele came up with a plan to spend up to $729,000 in surplus funds to help enroll the community. Every newly insured person won't have to rely on county health programs or go to emergency rooms and cannot pay. When a Tea-Party Brown County supervisor wanted to block enrollment by anyone in the county, he was stopped and lambasted for it. In fact, of all the 72 counties in Wisconsin only 1 opted to reject federal funds to help their citizens, and that county is struggling to pay their bills. Instead of rejecting, 17 counties have already stepped forward and called on the state to reverse Walker's rejection of federal funds for BadgerCare, convincing the Wisconsin Counties Association to take the same position. 

Counties are continuing to step up as Walker works to block reform. These counties are showing us how a government should work! To improve the lives and welfare of their constituents, not wage a permanent vendetta against a vitally important plan.

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