Important BadgerCare Numbers

Federal funds are available to cover thousands of residents in affordable quality coverage - BadgerCare. Here's what's at stake.

1. Who could access coverage? - If the state took federal funds Wisconsin could cover people between 100-133% of the federal poverty line (FPL). That means individuals earning between $11,670-$15,521 a year (what about for families?)

2. How many people earn between that amount? - The latest state estimates say 87,000 Wisconsin residents statewide. See by county here.

3. What do people who have been denied BadgerCare do now? - they must find health insurance elsewhere, such as from an employer or from the online marketplace The problem is that this income group will face unrealistic costs because they were never expected to have to go to and as such these plans are not really affordable for them.

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  • commented 2015-03-15 11:25:54 -0500
    Losing badgercare due to govenor walker not taking the federal money has effected our family. We live on limited income with my husband social security income. He already was paying for his medicare $104.90 well I was kick off due to since he didn’t take the federal money and lower the income requirements. My husband lost his 2nd insurance which was the medicaid. It was right after he was kicked off he had his first heart attack on Good Friday wasn’t good for our family spending Easter weekend hospital having a heart cath and echo-cardiogram on Easter. Since he didn’t have medicaid anymore we were stuck paying over $1,200 deductible for the hospital stay, the ambulance had to pay 20% and all his medical bills we had to pay 20 % of any bills he would to see his doctors or test. We are still paying on this $1,200 on a monthly basis with added bills on there due to it became overwhelming to pay on our limited budget. But we do the best we can. But I had to go to the marketplace the lowest premium for me was $29.82 and $500 yr deductible and outpocket. But now this year it has increase to 71.82 and still the same $500 yr deductible and out of pocket. I have no dental due to can’t afford it and if I did purchase it doesn’t cover much of the dental. So guess I just don’t go see a dentist. My husband don’t have teeth so he doesn’t have to worry but he don’t have any dentures.We also found out he is losing his hearing and needs 2 hearing aides and medicare don’t pay for it. But we upgraded his plan to a AARP medicare complete plan instead of having a separate coverage for Part D as that would be more out of pocket premiums and expenses for us. But AARP will help with the hearing aides but can only use 1 company so not much of choice but the co pay for each is over $350 each or could be a little more but who has $700 for more co pays so he can hear better. So he is dealing without them I just have to yell more or repeat myself alot. Luckily it didnt’ affect our children ages 17 and 20 both have autism and cognitive disability. Son is on ssi but daughter lost her due to income was a little over but luckily she is still able to get the badger-care. But in 8 half months she should be able to get back on ssi but would need to re apply. Also going for guardianship for her as well like I did our son. This has caused alot of stress on our family and trying to make ends meet on a limited income. Now have to do taxes even though we are under the income taxes we haven’t had to do taxes but now we are required to due to getting the tax credit for my insurance. But who can afford to get there taxes done and I have never done them myself before when we use to work we took them in to be done. What was the use of voting and majority voted yes on taking the federal money. And govenor isn’t listening to the people if we voted yes and majority how can he deny it for so many families who affected by this. I know it would put us back on it due to the income bracket would probably be back where it was before we got kicked off. As we were in the income bracket until this happen and I had just done my review and got approved then get a letter saying that we dont’ due to the changes in the income guidelines and the governor not taking the federal money. So between my husband $104.90 and my $71.82 a month and my 500 deductible and all his co pays who can afford to go to the doctor so much. My husband sees his doctor on a monthly basis. Just feels like its a lost cause and the bills are stacking up and will keep on piling until we get badger-care back but I don’t ever see that happening.