Informed Consent is a Right! No on SB 137

When faced with a major medical decision nothing is more important to you and your family than having all the facts you need to make an informed choice.  Just last year (2012) the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled every patient has a right to informed consent. Yet, Governor Walker and politicians in Madison are trying to pass a law (SB 137) restricting what medical providers need to tell patients to meet informed consent laws. Consider the case of Yvonne Chojnacki, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose spine was permanently injured by her doctor and now lives in severe pain and must use a walker. What happened to Yvonne could happen to you. Do not let politicians take away your right to control your own medical decisions! Protect Informed Consent.

Contact Your State Senator Today.
Urge them to vote NO on Senate Bill 137.

Call 1-800-362-9472

For more information on SB 137

Yvonne Chojnacki, Milwaukee, WI

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