Introducing the Progress Points Message Blog

by Robert Kraig, Executive Director

There is a growing recognition among Wisconsin progressives of all stripes that our messages are not cutting through enough to make a difference. To help address this challenge we are launching Progress Points Blog, an new feature which will focus exclusively on progressive messaging and framing.


Citizen Action of Wisconsin, in close collaboration with key allies, has been working to create more compelling progressive messages for a number of years. This work is near and dear to my heart, as it allows me to make practical use of my academic background. I have a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from University of Wisconsin-Madison.


We're developing a new model we call Progress Centered Communication. The goal of Progress Centered Communication is audacious: to create realistic ten year communication strategies to achieve bold reforms that will dramatically expand freedom and opportunity in Wisconsin. This means strategic communication that can fundamentally shift the debate in our state and build support for fundamental change, not bland poll-tested talking points which achieve nothing more than surface level agreement.


Our approach up until now has been to do our communication framing work behind closed doors, in strategic planning processes within Citizen Action of Wisconsin and with close coalition partners. This approach has the drawback of not explicitly sharing what we are learning in real time with progressive activists and leaders who are thirsty for messaging guidance.  


This is where the Progress Points Blog comes in. We will use this blog space to provide actionable insights and usable content to progressive activists and leaders. The blog will draw on our own research, and the best research being done by national and state partners. It will also provide an opportunity for dialogue and feedback.


Check back soon for our first entry!

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  • commented 2015-04-05 15:06:23 -0500
    This is an excellent suggestion.
    Privatization is exactly what it sounds like-
    “Private” you lose right to information.
    Give up CONTROL of public services or
    parents at own peril.
    Corporations Love the word Privatization.