Jocelyn Bubolz, New Berlin

 I think as we create this new entity we need to dream big enough to integrate all the issues we think are important into a single unified vision.

For example, when Elizabeth Warren proposed forming a Consumer Agency to act as the watchdog protecting ordinary folk from predatory lending practices her idea was big enough and bold enough to marshal support from unions, civil rights, religious and consumer groups.  Another example is from author/ climate activist Naomi Klein who said, “... we need to create integrated solutions – ones that radically bring down emissions, while closing the inequality gap and making life tangibly better for the majority [emphasis is mine].  I believe we need to do it all.

I worked in public libraries for my entire career.  I became politically active in 2004.  I volunteered for Kerry (2004), Feingold (2004 and 2010), Obama (2008 and 2012).  I protested in Madison (2011) and worked to Recall Scott Walker (2011/12).  In 2013 I was involved in establishing Neighbors First New Berlin, a non-partisan 501(c)(4) community group which battled for eight months to educate and lobby our local public officials.  I believe ordinary people need to become politically involved for the sake of us all, our country, children and grandchildren.

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