Joe Plouff, Prairie Farm

For eight years I had the opportunity to represent the people of the 29th assembly district in the state legislature. Following that service, I was employed by the Midwest States Center, coordinating the Midwest Progressive Elected Officials Network (a network of local and state officials in WI, IA, MN and ND).

Upon retirement, I served a couple of terms on the Dunn Co. Board of Supervisors and was appointed to chair the Planning, Resources & Development Committee. The committee worked on two significant environmental ordinances and moved them to the full county board where they were adopted.
The first was a sand mining moratorium and the second was a significant upgrade to the county's shoreland ordinance. Unfortunately, the current majority party in the legislature and the governor passed into law statutes that negated those locally designed environmental protections.

The fire in my belly remains and should you choose to elect me as a board member, I will engage my experience and energy in working to move citizens toward a more progressive worldview.

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