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After years of damaging attacks on our state, one thing is clear: We must develop and support new, bold ideas if we are to change the direction of our state!  

Our idea is simple: Grow our member-owned Organizing Cooperative to fund a professional organizer who will work full time, year round to coordinate a grass-roots campaign to challenge the most toxic influence on state politics and Wisconsin elections: Conservative Talk Radio

Every day in Southeastern Wisconsin five right-wing radio hosts on the most powerful AM stations use the public airwaves to spew divisive rhetoric. We call our Co-op's campaign to challenge the right-wing media monopoly and restore a true marketplace of ideas on the airwaves "Radio-Active." But in order to make this member-funded Co-op campaign possible, we must find 250 people in the region to pledge small monthly contributions to "own" this campaign! Without you, our Radio-Active campaign cannot happen.

This is your Organizing Cooperative. You own it. You direct it. Our member-owned Milwaukee Co-op launched this campaign to change politics as usual. What do you want to change in Wisconsin and in your community?

How would you like to join?


 If you would prefer to make a one-time annual contribution, click here. Or to make a tax-deductible contribution, click here

Scholarships help us ensure that students and under- and unemployed people can join as full cooperative member-owners, broadening the reach of our organization and our power to make a difference, so please contribute at the highest level you can afford.

If you can't join now but want to be involved, please e-mail organizer Terri Williams at or call at 414-218-5384. 

For more information, check out our Organizing Cooperative Frequently Asked Questions page (opens in a new page) Contributions made can be tax deductible, on the next page after filling out info below look for the "tax deductible" link.

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