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By becoming a member-owner of the Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative of Northeast WI, you join hundreds of other progressives in the Northeast WI area who are ready to organize for change. Membership contributions for the Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative can be made either monthly or annually, and you have the choice of them being *tax-deductible or political. Select your preferred method of payment below:

Monthly Membership Contributions of $20, $30, $40 or more


Annual Membership Contributions of $240, $360, $480 or more


Standard membership dues are $20 a month (or $240 a year), and anything greater supports a scholarship for a fellow member with limited income. If you have questions about our dues payments and/or are interested in receiving a scholarship-level membership ($10/mo), contact Rebecca Derenne at 920.389.1768,

Why become a member? Your membership gives you a say in the issues we work on and provides you with the support and expertise that only a Professional Organizer can provide.  Once you become a member-owner of the Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative, you have the freedom to join in on any of our issue campaigns, or start your very own!  The Organizer will connect you with others, and continuously work to find more progressives to join our movement for true, sustainable progressive change in Wisconsin!

Who can I contact? - For our Organizing Cooperative in Northeast WI contact Rebecca Derenne at 920.389.1768,

Contributions by Check

Make check(s) out to: Citizen Action of Wisconsin (political) OR Citizen Action of WI Education Fund (*tax-deductible).  You can send a check to Citizen Action's office in Milwaukee: 221 S 2nd St, Suite 300, Milwaukee WI, 53204.

To ensure that your check goes toward your Organizing Cooperative membership, please write "cooperative" on the memo line of the check, or include a letter in the envelope that indicates that it is to be used for your Organizing Cooperative dues payments.

*What is the difference between political and tax-deductible? Citizen Action is made up of two different legal entities: a 501c4 social welfare nonprofit and a 501c3 tax deductible nonprofit. What that means is that contributions to the "social welfare" arm allows for a greater percent of staff time to elections, endorsements, lobbying and more, but is not tax deductible. Contributions to the "tax deductible" arm cannot be spent on election work, but does allow a tax deduction for those interested.

For further questions about membership contributions, contact Rebecca Derenne, organizer of the Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative for Northeast WI, at 920.389.1768,

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