Chris Prust - Hearing Loop and Consumer Advocate in Oshkosh WI

I would like to nominate Chris Prust. She is a person who has lived with hearing loss for nearly her whole life. In 2009 Chris discovered that with the help of a hearing loop ( a system that sends audio signals wirelessly via magnetic waves to a small telecoil receiver found in many hearing aids and cochlear implants) she was able to hear every word in her House of Worship in Oshkosh WI. Since then she has worked tirelessly to get the word on the benefits of hearing loops out in Wisconsin.

A few examples:

Chris was instrumental on a committee that worked to raise the funds for the hearing loop at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. The Fox Cities community foundation wrote a great story about her see

She has quilted the hearing loop logo and it is part of a traveling exhibit that goes to churches and libraries:

She is a hearing loss and hearing loop advocate extraordinaire – see her video here: and read quotes in this article here:

Chris has written numerous letters in support of loops, letters to editors, newsletters, and presented on loop benefits to audiologists, aging care professionals, parents of Hard of Hearing children, audio engineers, audiology students, church councils, learning in retirement groups- frankly anybody who dares to get into an elevator gets to hear this “spiel”. She is without a doubt, Wisconsin’s most avid hearing loop consumer advocate and she a big part of the reason that loops have taken off in Wisconsin (now nearing 450 loops).     

For more information see or 

Nominated by Juliette Sterkens, AuD 

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    I met Chris at a hearing loss support group several years ago. She has helped me improve my quality of live and she has helped others with hearing loss as well. Chris has been the number 1 supporter, advocater and educator when it comes to hearing loss and hearing loss. She is truly a leader in helping others with hearing problems.
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