Khary Penebaker, Hartland

I have been an activist for several years, primarily focusing on gun violence prevention. I am a gun violence survivor, as a result of my mother committing suicide with a gun. As a result of that, I have a unique insight into the never ending damage that gun violence can do, both to the victims as well as to the survivors. In addition to the physical in-person activism (marches, phone calls, lobby days, etc), I am heavily involved in social media activism as well. On my personal account (@KharyP), I have over 20,000 followers and have tweeted over 275,000 times, which has generated a Klout Score of 72. I am the person behind the @UniteBlueWI account as well, which has over 11,000 followers and I have tweeted nearly 62,000 times from that account. My @UniteBlueWI account handles more specific WI related political matters and makes sure to share the progressive approach to political social media activism. 

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