La Crosse area leaders call on state legislature to cover thousands of La Crosse County residents through federal Medicaid funding

At a media event today, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Representative Steve Doyle, Representative Melissa Sargent, La Crosse County Board Chair Tara Johnson and members of the La Crosse County Board called on Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Legislature to protect thousands of residents through available federal Medicaid funds.

New state data reveals that 4,082 La Crosse county residents have been denied access to BadgerCare they would have qualified for had Wisconsin accepted the enhanced federal Medicaid funds. Legislation by Representative Melissa Sargent which would allow counties to accept the federal funding was introduced last month. This would allow $117,770,000 in federal funding to enter La Crosse county over the next few.

“La Crosse County Board passed a resolution asking the state to accept the federal Medicaid funds or let the County access the funds,” said Tara Johnson, Chair of the La Crosse County Board.  “Rep. Sargent’s legislation provides us that opportunity.” 

“There are 19 counties already that have voted to tell the state to take these enhanced federal Medicaid funds. We can take these funds at any time, do what is right for the citizens of Wisconsin,” said Melissa Sargent, State Representative and Dane County Board Human Services Chair. “Let counties choose. Give them the power. They have the chance to help their citizens and jump-start their economies with available federal funds.”

“The effort by conservatives to sabotage of health reform is failing thousands in La Crosse County,” said Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “

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