Last Day to Sign up for Jan 1st Coverage!

Today (Dec 15th) is the last day to sign up if you want health coverage for January 1st!

But don't worry, you can still go tomorrow or even until February 15th (the end of open enrollment). So why the push now? Because if you sign up after December 15th you coverage won't start until, at the earliest, February 1st.

So what are you waiting for? Go to today and get coverage

Not sure what to do? Click here to find local help understanding coverage options - such as by navigators, agents/brokers or "certified application counselors".

Check out this Associated Press article Citizen Action was quoted in to learn about major coverage changes. 

"Current customers will be automatically renewed if they make no changes, but that may leave many of them facing higher premiums...

An analysis of the plans being sold in Wisconsin by Citizen Action, a health care advocacy group, found that insurance options cost less in 19 counties this year compared to last. That is when looking at the lowest-cost silver level plans. Costs increased up to 10 percent in 51 counties and more than 10 percent in only Calumet and Menominee counties, the group said.

Thirteen counties that last year had only one insurance provider selling plans now have two or more, Citizen Action said."

So what does that mean? It means be sure to go to and look at new plans, there are likely new options in your county and possibly better coverage! Why is that?

  • The tax credit that is available to you is based on a specific formula, the cost of the 2nd lowest cost silver plan in your county. If your plan is now closer or further in price from the 2nd lowest cost plan, or if the 2nd lowest cost plan changed price, your tax credit will change.
  • This is likely, as more insurance companies have entered Wisconsin's marketplace - including United Healthcare and Managed Health Services. 
  • Some insurance companies actually cut their rates from last year - such as Molina and Group Health Cooperative - and that may make their plans eligible for greater tax credits. Why did they lower their costs? Because they likely set them too high the first year (insurers have to submit their rates before seeing other companies' rates, and cannot adjust once submitted)

So all in all, be sure to shop around. Ask for assistance if you need, and get covered early!



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