Letter To the Editor: Badgercare

Not sure what to say? Why not check out the Top 10 Reasons to Use the Affordable Care Act to Fill the Gap in BadgerCare!

Other talking points

  • Taking the new health care reform money for BadgerCare really is an all or nothing proposition
  • Six conservative Governors who have already accepted the money. Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota & Arizona
  • If Governor Walker turns down billions in federal money for BadgerCare, there is no doubt that many Wisconsinites will die as a consequence
  • Siding with Tea Party extremists and special interests such as the big insurance companies, Scott Walker has done everything he can to sabotage health care reform
  • If Governor Walker accepts the money, Wisconsin will get $12 billion dollars to fill the holes in BadgerCare over the over the next 10 years
  • The new federal money will extend BadgerCare to over 170,000 Wisconsinites who currently fall through the cracks in the program.. Within 10 years 211,000 additional Wisconsinites will have access to BadgerCare
  • There are over 146,000 Wisconsinites on the BadgerCare waiting list
  • The $12 billion in federal money for BadgerCare will generate a net of 10,000 new jobs.
  • According to the most authoritative national research, Wisconsin would actually save a total of at least $495 million over the next ten years by accepting the federal money to fill the holes in BadgerCare
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