LTE: Practicality must trump ideology

Check out this letter to the editor of the Wisconsin State Journal sent by our friend and Citizen Action member Dr Kesavan Kutty


Practicality must trump ideology on health care -- Dr. Kesavan Kutty

This week Wisconsin will purge 77,000 people from BadgerCare with no rhyme nor reason. Many other states -- even some red states -- are figuring out how to cover as many people as possible. But many Wisconsin citizens do not have affordable health care coverage.

A lot of these people will go to the emergency departments of urban hospitals, such as the one where I work. Others will be brought there by ambulance when their illness festers to the point they can no longer be cared for at home.

The inevitable consequence is that hospitals already strapped for money will face severe financial crises and might even be forced to cut services. The rest of us will end up paying more in taxes and higher health costs.

If we want affordable coverage for friends and neighbors as well as for ourselves, Wisconsin's leaders need to change their minds and accept these available federal funds for BadgerCare. Practicality, at least sometimes, has to trump ideology.

-- Dr. Kesavan Kutty, Menomonee Falls

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