Marc Levine: Walker to Blame for Poor Job Growth

Fantastic article today by UWM economist Marc Levine on the job crisis in Wisconsin and how it is, no matter how much Walker and his allies try to say otherwise, the fault of the Governor. Read it here:

"What's more, Wisconsin under Walker has posted the slowest job growth rate among the seven neighboring Great Lakes/Midwestern states: about half the growth rate of states such as Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana, and a growth rate lower than even much-maligned Illinois."

Levine meticulously debunks all the apologists excuses for Wisconsin's poor jobs figures under Walker. And surely if the news were reversed we would not be hearing the cause put on anyone else other than the Governor. 

As Levine reminds us that "Walkernomics" was built on cutting state spending, attacking unions,  privatizing economic development programs and tax breaks for the affluent. 

"A good macroeconomic case can be made that Walker's austerity policies have been the primary culprit in Wisconsin's anemic jobs growth."

Walker's policies of reducing people's purchasing power, preventing them from spending in the local economy, is holding back the economy. Allowing special interests to call the shots in tax policy, economic development and more has only served to rig the system even further against the average Wisconsinite.

What started as a broken jobs promise is becoming an even more broken economy. Be sure to check out the article:




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  • commented 2014-06-30 21:44:44 -0500
    Walker made that 250,000 new jobs promise to get elected, but he never cared about our state’s economy. As soon as the votes came in, he switched his interest to the “deficit” he largely created as an excuse to go after the unions and curry favor with everyone who hates liberals, Democrats, union members, public employees, and city folks.